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Elias Alias The Mental Militia

Born 1945 in Arkansas, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. Graduated Treadwell High School 1963 where Elias was Memphis City Schools Cross Country champion. Quit college in 1965 to join Marines. Volunteered for Viet Nam and got it. After his time at war Elias became a Dental gold crown-and-bridge technician, then morphed into a jewelry designer/caster making gold jewelry with diamonds and colored gemstones.

In the 1980s Elias took a sabbatical from jewelry work and drove big trucks for five years in 48 States, irregular route, learning about America’s industry and geography. Throughout the 1990s Elias owned and operated a retail jewelry store in Georgia until year 2000. Elias’ “Red Pill” epiphany came by getting online in 1999 and reading about America’s hidden history, government corruption, and the encroaching one-world government — all of which caused him to close his store and move to Montana. Also in 1999 he created a Yahoo Club named: “The Mental Militia”, which has been online since then in various venues. He is currently building the national website to add to his forums.

The idea for The Mental Militia is to study the psychology of mass programming and its effects on individual consciousness while helping readers learn about the false “Left v Right” paradigm. A Jeffersonian classic liberal by nature, Elias kept a foot in both sides of the political aisle until seeing why he should rise above all political folly.

Elias was the senior editor for the Oath Keepers’ national website for seven years, until November 2016. Having retired from Oath Keepers, Elias is now going back into jewelry design work and will occasionally add a page or two to his website, The Mental Militia dot Net. Elias also works as an associate producer for James Jaeger’s Constitutional documentaries, which feature G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira, etc.

Elias has two grown children and a grandchild. Elias claims to be a “willing servant to all Cats”, and calls himself “The Original Unemployed Poet”.

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Elias Alias

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