Episode 194 Courtenay Turner


Courtenay Turner joins us to discuss her recent C.A.U.S.E Fest in Tennessee. We will also delve into how the left control and use art and music as mechanisms of culture creation.

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Courtenay Turner



Tonight I will be discussing the screening of our reality. We will go through the history of television on into our modern streaming devices and unpack the ramifications that these subtle weapons of control have been implemented.



Today I will delve into the death of voluntary association. I’ll discuss the use of various methods of destroying the death of voluntary association and how this limits the likelihood of resisting the tyranny.

Episode 176 Jay Weidner


Jay Weidner is with us to discuss the centuries-old effort to manipulate and control culture. We will also discuss the role that various institutions play in keeping the slaves compliant.

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Jay Weidner

Sacred Mysteries



Tonight I’ll delve into why the American people have become so willing to acquires to tyranny. We will discuss the semantical sabotage that has been underway for many years to reconstruct our mentality and thus our physical response to tyranny.



Tonight we discuss the cultural shift that has slowly overtaken our society. Then, we will delve into how to counter that shift with your own counterculture.



Tonight I’ll get into the darkness of the holiday season and how to harness the darkness for light. We’ll discuss the media blitz of distractions, the control of society through anticipation for nothing, and the inversion of all reality.