Past Guests

Jay_Rowe Jay Rowe (7/9/2023) - Jay Rowe is an 8 year United States Marine Corps Veteran, son of the Most High God, revivalist Sheep Dog for the people, and founder of 3rd Day Warriors. 3rd Day Warriors is a ministry that exists to glorify God and make society aware of the spiritual warfare we face. We believe that every individual […]
Vera-Sharav Vera Sharav (6/23/2023) - Vera Sharav is a public advocate for human rights and is the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP) which serves as an information resource and public interest watchdog organization whose goal is to unlock the walls of secrecy in biomedical research and bring accountability to that endeavor. AHRP Infomails have […]
Courtenay_Turner Courtenay Turner (6/15/2023) - Courtenay Turner is the host of “The Courtenay Turner Podcast”, “WIM what is movement”, & her new show coming soon “The Right Voices”. She is also a speaker and aerial acrobatic performer. Having spent her academic career largely seeped in the world of philosophical and psychological texts and being a passionate athlete and performing artist, […]
Scott-Schara Scott Schara (6/13/2023) - Scott Schara is a nationally-recognized expert commentator on the global euthanasia agenda and the dangers of incentivized healthcare. The father of Grace Schara, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome who was killed by St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Ascension Health), Scott is on a mission to spotlight the crimes of the American medical system. He has shared his […]
Cathy_Obrien Cathy O’Brien (6/11/2023) - Cathy was born into a multi generational incest based family and was groomed since birth to be a candidate from mind control. Her pedophile father sold Cathy into the CIA’s MK Ultra, Project Monarch, where she would be owned by the late Senator Robert C. Byrd. The physical, mental, and sexual abuse Cathy was subjected […]
Matt_Ehret Matthew Ehret (5/17/2023) - Matthew is a journalist and co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Patriot Review, Senior Fellow at the American University of Moscow and host of The Great Game on Rogue News. He has authored the book series “The Untold History of Canada” and the recently published book series “The Clash […]
Monty_Floyd Monty Floyd (4/28/2023) - Monty Floyd, Vice Chair of the Hernando County Chapter of Moms For Liberty and former District 5 School Board candidate (22). Monty is a father of 4, a professional in higher education, and with his wife, they own a small family farm in Brooksville, FL. Guest Link Monty Floyd Facebook
Jason_Jones Jason Jones (4/24/2023) - Jason is a film producer, author, activist, and human rights worker. He was an Executive Producer on the 2006 film, Bella, which won several film industry awards, most notably the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival. Jason was the Associate Producer of the 2008 film, The Stoning of Soraya M., which […]
Mike_Williams Mike Williams (3/24/2023) - Mike Williams is a critical thinker and the host of the popular internet site Sage of Quay™ Radio. He is also the founder of his long running alternative news blog Sage of Quay. Mike’s content is dedicated to awakening the masses to help bring humanity back into our natural existence of living in truth and […]
Michael-Springmann Michael Springmann (2/28/2023) - J. Michael Springmann is an attorney, author, political commentator, and former diplomat, with postings to Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia. He previously authored, Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the World: An Insider’s View, recounting how the U.S. created and used Islamic Terrorism. Additionally, he penned Goodbye, Europe? Hello, Chaos? Merkel’s Migrant Bomb, […]
Anton-Chaitkin Anton Chaitkin (1/27/2023) - Anton Chaitkin is the son of Jacob Chaitkin, a lawyer who blocked some of Wall Street’s sponsorship of the Hitler regime. Anton grew up committed to justice, with a strong sense of the realities of power politics. About two years after the JFK assassination, Chaitkin heard from Lyndon LaRouche that financiers were shifting American strategy […]
Pam-Bartha Pam Bartha (1/18/2023) - Pam Bartha was clinically diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 28 and chose a non- prescription approach to therapy. Now over 30 years later and still MS free, she teaches others how to recover from disease by treating the parasites that cause disease while following a holistic approach. She is a health educator, […]
Alphonzo-Monzo Dr. Alphonzo Monzo (11/23/2022) - Dr. Alphonzo Monzo is a Naturopathic Doctor and views the body as a whole in which all parts are interrelated and should be considered for true health and wellness to be achieved. He has specialized in the field of biophysics, which he has studied for the last 21 years and practiced for the last 16 […]