Information Breakdown

AA-Doom & Gloom
Tonight I'll get into the reality that we are all in. This will be an [...]
AA-Post 911 COVID World
Tonight we will reflect back on the events of 911 and how they shaped [...]
AA-Power Illusion
Tonight we will discuss the illusion of power that the general public [...]
AA-Contagion of Communism
Tonight we get into the social contagion that is communism, the [...]
AA-Weapons of Mass Distraction
In this episode we will cover some of the the use of mass distraction [...]
AA-The Yellow Badge of Victimhood
Today we discuss embracing the Yellow Badge of Victimhood and breaking [...]
In this short episode we will delve into judgement and mental illness.
AA-Conformity is slavery
Tonight we will get into resisting tyranny by abandoning conformity.
AA-Keep believing that it is not a war for the Republic!
Tonight we will talk conditioning, misdirection, and social engineering.
AA-What did you do while the Republic fell?
In this episode we will discuss focus, preparation, and action.
AA-100th Monkey
In this episode we will talk escaping the cocoon of tyranny and [...]
AA-Casualty Vampires
Tonight we get into the casualty vampires causally watching the demise [...]

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