Past Shows

Episode 102 Dr. Calvin Beisner (4/14/2021) - Dr. Calvin Beisner joins us to discuss Agenda 21, Global Warming, Social Justice, & more. He will also get into the role of the church, GOD, and faith in the tumultuous times that we live in. Guest Link Cornwall Alliance
Joel-Gilbert Episode 101 Joel Gilbert (4/2/2021) - Joel Gilbert discusses The Trayvon Hoax and the implications of the events surrounding his death. We will delve into the methods communists use to takeover a nation. Guest Link Highway 61 Entertainment
Michael_Yon Episode 100 Michael Yon (3/26/2021) - Michael Yon is with us today to discuss his investigative work on the horrific scenario occurring at the Darién Gap. He will also cover child trafficking, illegal immigration, drug cartels, and more. Guest Link Michael Yon
Carl-Teichrib Episode 99 Carl Teichrib (3/25/2021) - AA-99 Carl Teichrib joins us to discuss Burning Man, Paganism, Transhumanism, complicity of the church, spiritualism, and the role of the 1960’s as a paradigm changing decade. We will also get into the underlying theme of communitas and how it can be used to control the populous. Guest Link Game Of Gods
Sherri-Tenpenny Episode 98 Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (3/11/2021) - Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joins us today to talk COVID, vaccines, and fait on todays show. Sherri will cover what’s in the COVID vaccines, effects on the body, and what will can expect in the coming months. Guest Link Dr. Tenpenny
Etienne-Graves Episode 97 Dr. E’tienne Graves (3/5/2021) - Dr. E’tienne Graves is with us today to get into preAdamic Earth, contamination of DNA, abortion, occult, and the role of the church. We will also discuss the mask, kneeling, and the hidden meanings in our society. Guest Link Etienne Graves
Bill-Birnes Episode 96 Bill Birnes (2/26/2021) - Bill Birnes discusses the methods communist China are using to take over America. He will cover Unrestricted Warfare, 3 Warfare’s Doctrine, the 50 Cent Army, and more. Guest Link Shadow Lawn Press
Jeff-Davis Episode 95 Jeff Davis (2/24/2021) - Jeff Davis shares with us his extensive knowledge of the Black Nobility, the great culling, and the TRUE seat of power. We will also delve into secret societies, the Royal bloodlines, police overreach and much more. Guest Link The Jeff Davis Show
Yehuda-Remer Episode 94 Yehuda Remer (2/17/2021) - Yehuda Remer talks The Pew Pew  Jew, gun rights, his books, and more. We will also get into censorship, Biden, and what is to come under the communist regime. Guest Link The Pew Pew Jew
BadAss-Uncle-Sam Episode 93 BadAss Uncle Sam (2/11/2021) - Sam is an activist and researcher, with a background in sales and art. As a political cartoonist, he decided to take his art to the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana and engage the people firsthand. He has been actively bringing his message of liberty and truth as an activist for over 8 years. His tireless […]
Maryam-Henein Episode 92 Maryam Henein (2/6/2021) - Maryam Henein joins us today to talk about her film Vanishing of the Bees, big pharma, and censorship. We will also get into the pros and cons of Trump and the events at the Capital. Guest Link Maryam Henein
Sarah_Dye Episode 91 Sarah Dye (2/4/2021) - Sarah Dye discusses her families persecution by communists and the refusal of the city, police, and farmers market to stop it. We will also get into family farming, education, and the tactics that the communists employ to terrorize the public into submission. Guest Link Schooner Creek Farm
John-Waters Episode 90 John Waters (1/28/2021) - John Waters joins us today to discuss his recent court case appeal in Ireland, COVID, Trump and more. We will also get into the global communist plan to take over the West and use COVID as a means of control. Guest Link John Waters