Past Shows

Chris-Marcus Episode 145 Chris Marcus (6/20/2022) - Today Chris Marcus joins us to discuss silver, the economy, and what the economic future looks like. We will also get into the causes of the economic doom on the horizon. Guest Link Arcadia Economics
Chuck-Holton Episode 144 Chuck Holton (6/17/2022) - Chuck Holton joins us today to give us an on the ground perspective of the war in the Ukraine. We will get into where the billions spent are going, bioweapons labs, Nazi troops, and more. Guest Links Chuck Holton Locals The Hot Zone With Chuck Holton
Debbie-Bacigalupi Episode-143 Debbie Bacigalupi (6/13/2022) - Debbie Bacigalupi is with us today to discuss the open plan to domesticate the world population and bring us under global UN control. We will discuss Agenda 21/ Agenda 30 and how it plays into what we are seeing unfold globally today. Guest Links Technocracy News Agenda 21 Challenge
Cory Daniel The Phoenix Enigma Occult Episode 142 Cory Daniel (6/8/2022) - Cory Daniel joins us today to Deoccult the Uvalde shooting. We will delve into the facts, inconsistencies, and the occult meaning. Guest Link The Phoenix Enigma
David-Laird Episode 141 David Laird (6/7/2022) - David Laird of Dynamic Combative Solutions joins us today to discuss the Uvalde shooting, school safety, and solutions. We will also delve into the attack on the 2nd Amendment and what the future holds for our GOD given right to keep and bear arms. Guest Link Dynamic Combative Solutions
Michael_Volpe Episode 140 Michael Volpe (6/3/2022) - Investigative journalist Michael Volpe joins us today to discuss the dark side of CPS and Family Court. He will delve into recent investigations in Connecticut, California, and Missouri. Guest Link Michael Volpe
Cheryl-Todd Episode 139 Cheryl Todd (6/1/2022) - Cheryl Todd joins us today from Gun Freedom Radio. We will discuss the Uvalde shooting and the most recent attack on the 2nd Amendment. Guest Link Gun Freedom Radio
Megan-Fox Episode 138 Megan Fox (5/14/2022) - Megan Fox joins us today from PJ Media. She will delve into her resent research on child grooming in the public schools, the attack on the family, and more. Guest Links PJ Media Substack YouTube
Virginia_Krieger Episode 137 Virginia Krieger (5/10/2022) - Virginia Krieger is with us today to discuss the growing drug problem in this country. We will also connect the dots to illegal immigration, failed polices, and much more. Guest Link Lost Voices of Fentanyl
Kevin-Thompson Episode 136 Kevin Thompson (3/22/2022) - Kevin Thompson joins us today to discuss media censorship, COVID, and the manipulation of public perception. We will also get into how today’s current events play into end times. Guest Link ZMA Radio
Matthew Landman Frankenskies 5G Episode 135 Matt Landman (3/9/2022) - Matt Landman joins us today to delve into the effects of technology on Children, 5G, and psychological operations. We will also get into COVID, how it has been used, and where the operation is going. Guest Links Frankenskies Actual Activists Spero Protection Clothing
Jerry_Leonard Episode 134 Jerry Leonard (3/3/2022) - Jerry Leonard discusses Lyme Disease, bioweapons, and the connections to eugenics. We will also delve into the manifestations of these tactics in our current global psychological and biological warfare operation. Guest Links Hitler Is Winning
John Age Anomic Age The John Age Project Episode 133 John Age (2/21/2022) - In this episode I will delve into how to defy the orthodoxy of the global satanic death cult. We will also get into the importance of being yourself, loving who you are, and resisting tyranny where you find it. Guest Link John Age