Past Shows

Cheryl-Todd Episode 89 Cheryl Todd (1/26/2021) - Cheryl Todd joins us to discuss the 2nd Amendment, gun rights, self-defense, and much more this evening. We will also connect the dots between the erosion of Constitutional rights and the ever increasing global communist police state. Guest Link Gun Freedom Radio
Christopher-McDonald Episode 88 Christopher McDonald (1/20/2021) - Christopher McDonald joins us before the inauguration to discuss the election, Trump, and the fall of the Republic. We will delve into what we can expect under a communist regime and what the end of America means to us domestically and the rest of the world. Guest Link The Mc Files
Brendi-Wells Episode 87 Brendi Wells (1/16/2021) - Brendi Wells joins us to discuss the atrocities occurring in South Africa, communism, and the plight of America. We will also get into faith and the power of prayer, as a means of combating the current geopolitical insanity. Guest Link Quantum Praise
Daniel_Brigman Episode 86 Daniel Brigman (12/16/2020) - Daniel Brigman is with us today to get into masculinity, election fraud, the fate of the Republic, and the historical parallels to where we are today. We will also discuss the death of Harrison Deal. Guest Link The Power Hour
Terry_Rapoza Episode 85 Terry Rapoza (12/10/2020) - Terry Rapoza is with us today to discuss the State of Jefferson, the election, California, and what everyone can do to take action. We will also get into the importance of knowing your rights, key pieces of legislation to become familiar with and agitation. Guest Link State of Jefferson
Chris_Baucom Episode 84 Chris Baucom (12/4/2020) - Chris Baucom is here to talk quantum computing, A.I., the singularity, the connections to Bible prophecy, and much more. We will connect all the dots into vaccines, the mark of the beast, and the downward spiral of our nation.
Bil_Bean Episode 83 Bill Bean (11/29/2020) - Bill Bean is here today to discuss deliverance ministry, the occult, possession, GOD, and the downward spiral of our society. Bill will share his own harrowing story and reveal how his own experiences led him to Christ and to using his strength to help others. We will reveal the obvious connections between the vaccines, COVID, […]
Hamamoto Episode 82 Dr. Hamamoto (11/26/2020) - Dr. Hamamoto joins us today to discuss disinformation, and the manipulation of media and academia. We will also delve into the election, history, and what we can all do to save the Republic. Guest Link Professor Hamamoto
Thall Episode 81 Nelson Thall (11/20/2020) - Nelson Thall is with us today to discuss the Kennedy assassination, Marshal McLuhan, the Nazi connections in the United States, and so much more. Mr. Thall will focus on how McLuhan was destroyed for revealing too much information into the mainstream regarding communication, propaganda, and the use of media as a medium of control. Guest […]
SABO Episode 80 SABO (11/19/2020) - SABO is with us today to discus his art, activism, and how to counter communist propaganda. We will also talk about the use of art, mainstream media, entertainment, and education to promulgate the communist agenda and destroy America. Guest Link UnsavoryAgents
James_Tracy Episode 79 Dr. James Tracy (11/11/2020) - Dr. James Tracy joins us today to discuss censorship, his job termination, and an update on his lawsuit. We will also get into current events, the cult of academia, and much more. Guest Link Memory Hole Blog
Kevin-Thompson Episode 78 Kevin Thompson (11/5/2020) - Kevin Thompson drops by with us today to discuss the election nightmare, media censorship, and the specter of evil facing our nation. We will also get into his show Down the Rabbit Hole Radio and much more. Guest Link Down The Rabbit Hole Radio
John_Massaria Episode 77 John Massaria (10/31/2020) - Filmmaker John Massaria is with us today to discuss his work on The Last Narc, the Kiki Camarena story. We will also discuss his documentary I love My Country But Hate What They Are Doing, the ever expanding police state, and much more. Guest Link Good Pixel Productions Vimeo