Past Shows

Matthew Landman Frankenskies 5G Episode 135 Matt Landman (3/9/2022) - Matt Landman joins us today to delve into the effects of technology on Children, 5G, and psychological operations. We will also get into COVID, how it has been used, and where the operation is going. Guest Links Frankenskies Actual Activists Spero Protection Clothing
Jerry_Leonard Episode 134 Jerry Leonard (3/3/2022) - Jerry Leonard discusses Lyme Disease, bioweapons, and the connections to eugenics. We will also delve into the manifestations of these tactics in our current global psychological and biological warfare operation. Guest Links Hitler Is Winning
John Age Anomic Age The John Age Project Episode 133 John Age (2/21/2022) - In this episode I will delve into how to defy the orthodoxy of the global satanic death cult. We will also get into the importance of being yourself, loving who you are, and resisting tyranny where you find it. Guest Link John Age
Episode 132 Michael DeLeon (1/9/2022) - Michael DeLeon joins us today to talk about the epidemic of drug addiction destroying the nation. We will also prove the connections between COVID and a myriad of underlying issues decimating the United States. Guest Links Steered Straight Inc. Recovery Army Facebook
Elias Alias The Mental Militia Episode 131 Elias Alias (1/6/2022) - Elias Alias joins us to discuss how to take control of your own mental freedom. We will also delve into the psychological control mechanisms used to manipulate the people and how to resist it within yourself. Elias Alias
David-Sumrall Episode 130 David Sumrall (12/31/2021) - David Sumrall is here as we continue to tackle the Trump delusion. We will also cover many of the new evidence coming to light on the events of January 6th. Guest Link Stop Hate
James_Perloff Episode 129 James Perloff (12/4/2021) - James Perloff is with us today to discuss his latest book COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled. We will delve into the connections between the COVID PSYOP and the false flag of 911, the greater implications of it all, and what we can do to stop it. Guest Links James Perloff James Perloff Amazon
Celia-Farber Episode 128 Celia Farber (11/20/2021) - Investigative journalist Celia Farber is with us to discuss the connections between Anthony Fauci, AIDS and COVID. We will also delve into the occult ties into these topics too. Guest Link Celia Farber
LarryPinkney Episode 127 Larry Pinkney (10/29/2021) - Larry Pinkney joins us today to get into COINTELPRO, January 6th, and the illusion of the right vs. left paradigm. We will also get into solutions and unity. Guest Links Larry Pinkney Larry Pinkney Videos
Griffin Episode 126 G. Edward Griffin & Dan Happel (10/28/2021) - G. Edward Griffin and Dan Happel join us to discuss Red Pill Expo. We will get into the guests, education, and the current state of the nation. Guest Link Red Pill Expo
Cal Washington InPower Merchant Scholar Episode 125 Cal Washington (10/15/2021) - Cal Washington joins us again today to discuss how merchant law connects into the Bible. We will also get into the current global psychological operation, the 1611 King James Bible, the occult and how to reclaim your power. Guest Link InPower
BadAss-Uncle-Sam Episode 124 BadAss Uncle Sam (9/15/2021) - Sam joins us today to discuss COVID, vaccines, and taking action against the tyranny. He will also get into hurricane Ida and the eugenics global extinction plan. Guest Link BadAss Uncle Sam
Lennox Episode 123 Stacey Lennox (9/9/2021) - Stacey Lennox joins us today to discuss COVID, vaccines, Fauci, and masks. We will also delve into treatments, gain of function research, and more. Guest Link PJ Media