Past Shows

Clint_Lorance Episode 74 Clint Lorance (10/22/2020) - Clint Lorance discusses the accusations that led to his imprisonment and his long road to freedom. We will also delve into the Obama regime, military culture, and how it all ties into the current events unfolding in America today. Guest Links Clint Lorance Stolen Honor Book
Michael_Volpe Episode 73 Michael Volpe (10/17/2020) - Investigative journalist Michael Volpe joins us again today in the Anomic Age. We will delve into his most recent exposé series on the corrupt CPS and Family Court Systems. Guest Link The Provocateur
Virginia_Krieger Episode 72 Virginia Krieger (10/15/2020) - Virginia Krieger joins us to discuss fentanyl, illegal immigration, and the growing drug epidemic. We will also get into her new campaign “Break the Silence” and Parents Against Illicit Narcotics. Guest Link Parents Against Illicit Narcotics
Judy-Bruce Episode 71 Judy Bruce (10/12/2020) - Judy Bruce joins us today to discuss 5G, its effects, and her activism to stop it. Judy will also discuss the connections between 5G, Agenda21/30, and COVID 19.
Hunter_Watkins Episode 70 Hunter Watkins (10/8/2020) - Hunter Watkins is with us today to discuss the power of music. He promotes his philosophy with the golf swing and it’s relationship to music. We will also get into the use of COVID to promulgate fear and control the masses. Guest Link Hunter Watkins
Rick-Anteau Episode 69 Richard Anteau (9/26/2020) - Richard Anteau and Phillip Munson join us today to discuss Jeffrey Epstein, Zorro Ranch, and activism. We will also get into the elite pedophile rings and child trafficking. Guest Link PFANAUSA
Joey_Gibson Episode 68 Joey Gibson (9/24/2020) - Joey Gibson is with us today to talk about his work with Patriot Prayer. We will also discuss Jay Danielson, ANTIFA, BLM, Portland violence, the COVID scam, & more. Guest Link Patriot Prayer
Rachel_Bruno Episode 67 Rachel Bruno (9/23/2020) - Rachel Bruno joins us today to tell us her harrowing story about CPS corruption, what goes on in family court, and in the foster care system. Guest Link Rachel Bruno
jay_weidner Episode 66 Jay Weidner (9/18/2020) - Renowned filmmaker, author, and scholar Jay Weidner joins us today. Jay will get into Agenda 21, vaccines, COVID, and the coming collapse Guest Link Jay Weidner
Episode 65 Eric Philpot (9/17/2020) - Pastor Eric Philpot is here to discuss the spirit of the early American church, 501C3 churches, and the dark times the country faces. We will also get into the connections to the COVID scam, BLM, and ANTIFA. Guest Link Cross Life Family Worship
chris_fogarty Episode 64 Christopher Fogarty (9/12/2020) - Christopher Fogarty joins us to discuss his book, the Irish Holocaust, and how his family was targeted by the FBI for exposing the truth. We will also get into 911, COVID, violence in Chicago, and more. Guest Link  Irish Holocaust
Steven-Andrew-AnomicAge Episode 62 Steven Andrew (9/9/2020) - Steven Andrew joins us today to discuss his social media platform USA.Life and his search engine 1776Free. Mr. Andrew also gets into big tech censorship, the American Revolution, GOD’s covenant with America, and much more. Guest Link USA.Life
Douglas_Gibbs Episode 62 Douglas V. Gibbs (9/2/2020) - Douglas V. Gibbs shares his extensive knowledge of the Constitution and the legality of the various things occurring across the nation today. We will delve into ANTIFA, BLM, GOD, President Trump, and much more. Guest Link Douglas V. Gibbs