Past Shows

Ross Powell Survival 401LK Episode 39 Ross Powell (9/29/2019) - Founder of Survival 401k, LLC and have over 30 years experience in the financial sector as vice president in several large national banks and insurance companies. Specialize in helping people move their money out of the secular world and into Kingdom assets such as precious metals, land, rental properties and other alternative assets to truly […]
John Age Anomic Age The John Age Project Episode 38 John Age (9/15/2019) - It’s just me today in the Anomic Age. Today I will get into some local and national news. Then, we’ll discuss how everyone can begin to take action in their own lives. Guest Link Anomic Age
Ralph Epperson New World Order Unseen World Episode 37 Ralph Epperson (9/6/2019) - Our guest today in the Anomic Age is Ralph Epperson. He will be with us to discuss the true history of Jesse James and touch on a variety of other topics. Guest Link Ralph Epperson
Regina Imburgia Fluoridation Activist Dall For Safe Water Episode 36 Regina Imburgia (9/2/2019) - Regina Imburgia is our guest today in the Anomic Age today to discuss fluoridation, implications of the new fluoride studies, and her activism. We will also get into how everyone can get involved in stopping fluoridation in their own communities. Guest Link Dallas For Safer Water
Joe_Prim Vigilant Wolf Men Masculinity Episode 35 Joe Prim (8/26/2019) - Joe Prim enters into the Anomic Age today to discuss men, masculinity, and the role of men at home and in their communities. We will discuss the failings of men in our contemporary Western society and how they can be fixed. Guest Link Vigilant Wolf
Mark Robinson Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina Episode 34 Mark Robinson (8/19/2019) - Mark Robinson joins us today in the Anomic Age to discus his run for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina. He will also cover Red Flag laws, conservative values, immigration, social engineering programs in our schools, and pro-life issues. Guest Link Mark Robinson For NC
Joshua Abraham The Abraham Project Mystery Schools Episode 33 Joshua Abraham (8/12/2019) - Joshua Abraham is with us today in the Anomic Age. He will discuss secret societies and their connections to the occult and Babylonian mystery schools, the Bible, and making sense of the tumultuous times that we live in. Guest Link The Abraham Project
Rick Osmon Archaeology Ancient America Episode 32 Rick Osmon (8/5/2019) - Rick Osmon enters into the Anomic Age this week to discuss his work with satellite imagery, LIDAR analysis, hydrology studies, and magnetometry. He will also works on ancient cultures of the Ohio Valley and line of sight communication. Guest Link Ancient America
Michael Hansen Filmmaker No Go Zones Episode 31 Michael Hansen (7/29/2019) - This week I am happy to welcome documentary filmmaker Michael Hansen into the Anomic Age. He will discuss his films, free speech, and illegal immigration. Michael will also discuss the role ANTIFA has played in the collapse of Europe and how their actions there can predict what is to come here in America. Guest Link […]
Roxanna Cella AcuMed Help Child Trafficking Episode 30 Roxanna Cella (7/20/2019) - Today we welcome Roxanna Cella into The Anomic Age. We will discuss her work to combat child trafficking, pedophilia, and drug addiction. Roxanna is EVP and Ambassador for She is the host of MAD DEEP, and co-host of The Real News is an award winning President, Executive Producer and formerly the host of Palm Beach Rox which aired […]
Cody Snodgres Light On Conspiracies 911 OKC Bombing Episode 29 Cody Snodgres (7/12/2019) - In this edition we welcome Cody Snodgres into the Anomic Age. Among other things, Cody will discuss the Clintons, Gulf War Syndrome, and his refusal to accept a contract to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Guest Link Light On Conspiracies
Robert Scott Bell Alternative Holistic Health Care Episode 28 Robert Scott Bell (7/2/2019) - It is my pleasure to welcome Mr. Robert Scott Bell into the Anomic Age this week. Six days a week Robert Scott Bell empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and yes even political healing. He joins us today to discuss dealing with everyday health issues from […]
Hugo Feugen Loretta Fuddy The Fuddy Hoax Episode 27 Hugo Feugen (6/22/2019) - This week we welcome Hugo Feugen to the Anomic Age to discuss his research into the crash of Loretta Fuddy’s plane and the implications that this event had on Barack Obama’s Presidency. Hugo has logged over 2500 hours of flight experience, and over 450 hours as a Certified Instrument Flight In structor (CFI-AI). He holds […]