Past Shows

David Clews Unity News Network Episode 26 David Clews (6/16/2019) - It is my pleasure to welcome David Clews into the Anomic Age this week. Mr. Clews will join us to discuss his news organization, President Trumps visit to the UK, issues caused by illegal immigration, Tommy Robinson, and much more. David is the Lead Correspondent for the Unity News Network (UNN), with over 15 years […]
Pam Adams The Facts Paper History Episode 25 Pamela Adams (6/9/2019) - Tonight we bring Pamela Adams into the Anomic Age and to continue our conversation with Alan Myers on FED ED. Having worked in public schools for a decade she understood how they were failing our children and she wanted to make sure that didn’t happen to her child. She began to study history and write […]
Rat Skates Documentary Overkill Film Episode 24 Rat Skates (6/1/2019) - This week it is my pleasure to welcome Rat Skates to the program and to continue our conversation with Alan Myers on FED ED. Rat is a conservative, Christian, filmmaker, writer and musician. He is most widely known as a director of music documentaries and his contributions to the thrash metal genre as the founding […]
Jordan Page Jordan Page Music Schaeffer Cox Episode 23 Jordan Page (5/26/2019) - In this episode we will speak with Jordan Page and continue our conversation with Alan Myers on FED ED. Jordan Page is a national recording and touring artist who performs a mixture of rock and folk music that has captivated audiences all over the world. He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies […]
Alan Myers FED ED CPA and Forensic Accountant Episode 22 Alan Myers (5/19/2019) - Tonight Alan Myers joins us on the program. Alan is a CPA and Forensic Accountant who lives and works in San Diego, CA. Over the Past 25 years, the majority of his practice has been devoted to providing accounting related services to Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees and civil litigators. These services include tax return preparation, […]
Keith Iton The Prepper and the Preacher Episode 21 Keith Iton (5/10/2019) - Today we are joined by Pastor Keith Iton. Keith is an African American non-denominational Pastor and owner of the preparedness website Food Survival Store. He travels worldwide teaching on the importance of emergency preparedness as well as the Kingdom of God. Pastor Keith is the author of the book, The Prepper and the Preacher: A […]
Dale Smith Meet at the Shade Tree Episode 20 Dale Smith (5/5/2019) - This week we are pleased to bring Dale Smith onto the program. Dale is an electro-mechanical tech with 30 years of manufacturing experience and a writer on the blogosphere since 2000. He is a researcher and co-founder of the Facebook group Meet At The ShadeTree—where like-minded individuals can share and explore a range of topics. […]
Carole_Adams The Foundation for American Christian Education Episode 19 Carole Adams (4/28/2019) - Today we welcome Dr. Carole Adams into the Anomic Age to discuss how America’s system of education has transformed into an indoctrination system, with the gradual removal of GOD, and more importantly how to fix it. Dr. Adams serves as the second President of FACE (The Foundation for American Christian Education). She is the lead […]
Zac King All Saints Ministry Abortion Occult Episode 18 Zachary King (4/20/2019) - This week we speak with Zachary King. An average boy in an average American neighborhood, Zachary grew up in a Baptist home. He began practicing magick at 10 years old, joined a satanic coven at 13 years old, and had broken all 10 Commandments by 15 years old. From his teen years to adulthood he […]
Clint Lorance Episode 17 Clint Lorance (4/16/2019) - Today we are joined by two guests, John Maher and Anna Lorance to discuss the miscarriage of justice perpetrated against Army, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance (Anna’s son). In July 2012, while serving as a Rifle Platoon leader in a remote sector of Kandahar Province Afghanistan, First Lieutenant Clint Lorance’s platoon embarked on what was seemingly […]
Judith Reisman The Reisman Institute Alfred Kinsey Episode 16 Judith Reisman (4/5/2019) - This week we have the distinct pleasure of speaking with Dr. Judith Reisman. Judith Reisman, PhD. is Founder and Director of The Reisman Institute, Inc. and Research Professor at Liberty University School of Law. Dr. Reisman is an internationally recognized expert on the work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, and its effects on the family and […]
Alex Newman The New American World Net Daily Episode 15 Alex Newman (3/30/2019) - In this episode of the Anomic Age we speak with Alex Newman. Alex is an award wining international journalist, educator, author, and consultant who seeks to glorify God in everything that he does. In addition to serving as president of the small media and information consulting firm Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc., he has written for […]
Lori_Colley Praying Citizen Episode 14 Lori Colley (3/17/2019) - Today we are happy to have Lori Colley on the program. Lori is a blogger, researcher, wife, mom, new grandmother, and most recently an author! In 2015 she left a position as Media Director for a Christian ministry because God called her to begin Praying Citizen. She was very eager to do what He had […]