Past Shows

Bil_Bean Episode 179 Bill Bean (3/29/2023) - Reverend Bill Bean joins us today to discuss the sense of evil and the occult influence that has overtaken this nation. We will also delve how to best defend ourselves against spiritual warfare. Guest Link Bill Bean
Mike_Williams Episode 178 Mike Williams (3/24/2023) - Mike Williams joins us today to discuss the Beatles. We will delve into the Tavistock Institute and the creation of our popular culture. Guest Link The Sage of Quay
Etienne-Graves Episode 177 Dr. E’tienne Graves (3/17/2023) - Dr. E’tienne Graves joins us today to discuss his new book “The Unheralded 7 Spirits Of God”. We will also delve into how Christ is revealed in science and our body. Guest Link Etienne Graves
jay_weidner Episode 176 Jay Weidner (3/16/2023) - Jay Weidner is with us to discuss the centuries-old effort to manipulate and control culture. We will also discuss the role that various institutions play in keeping the slaves compliant. Guest Links Jay Weidner Sacred Mysteries
John-Waters Episode 175 John Waters (3/6/2023) - John Waters joins us to talk about the the significance of music in culture creation. We will also delve into the destruction of Western culture, illegal immigration, and more. Guest Links John Waters Substack John Waters
Michael-Springmann Episode 174 Michael Springmann (3/1/2023) - Michael Springmann joins us today to discuss the Ukraine, Russia, and China. He will help us to unpack what is on the horizon on the global stage and what that will mean for the citizens of the United States. Guest Link Michael Springmann Books
Bill-Birnes Episode 173 Dr. Bill Birnes (2/20/2023) - Dr. Bill Birnes joins us today to talk about the recent UFO sightings. We will also delve into Project Blue Beam and the connections between UFO’s and our nations history. Guest Link Shadow Lawn Press
Scott-Bennett Episode 172 Scott Bennett (2/17/2023) - Scott Bennett joins us today to discuss Russia, Ukraine, and the prospects of nuclear war. We will also delve into the degradation of Western culture and more. Guest Link ShellGameWhistleblower
Etienne-Graves Episode 171 Dr. E’tienne Graves (2/10/2023) - Dr. E’tienne Graves joins us to discuss the reality of spiritual warfare. We will also delve into the Grammys occult ritual, the dark times we are in, and how to combat the evil. Guest Link Etienne Graves
Elias Alias The Mental Militia Episode 170 Elias Alias (2/3/2023) - Elias Alias joins us today to discuss his book Oath Keepers: Targeted Red. We will delve into the events of January 6th, the political prisoners still held in D.C., the Ukraine, Russia, nuclear war, and more. Guest Links Elias Alias Oath Keepers: TARGETED RED Book
Anton-Chaitkin Episode 169 Anton Chaitkin (1/27/2023) - Author Anton Chaitkin joins us today to discuss his book Who We Are: America’s Fight for Universal Progress, from Franklin to Kennedy, Volume 1. He will connect the dots between the rise of industrialization and America and how these variables continue to shape the nation today. Guest Link Who We Are Book
Pam-Bartha Episode 168 Pam Bartha (1/18/2023) - Health educator Pam Bartha joins us today to discuss wellness. She will delve into parasites, disease, and how to improve your life and live disease free. Guest Link Live Disease Free
David Clews Unity News Network Episode 167 David Clews (1/17/2023) - David Clews is with us today from Unity News Network. He will delve into fake NHS advertisement, trans priest in the Church of England, and more. Guest Link Unity News Network