Past Shows

Episode 122 Dr. TK (8/22/2021) - We are joined today by a biblical archaeologist. He will discuss his work in the Holy Land, his book Unearthing the Bible, and many major finds that corroborate the biblical narrative. Guest Link Unearthing The Bible
John-Waters Episode 121 John Waters (8/12/2021) - Investigative journalist John Waters discusses Gemma O’Doherty, COVID, Censorship, and the Catholic Church. We will also get into how various revolutionary groups have been hijacked, how to wake people up, and what is coming. Guest Link John Waters
Megan-Fox Episode 120 Megan Fox (8/5/2021) - Megan Fox joins us today to talk about child trafficking and the corrupt CPS & Family Courts. We will also get into the corruption existing in all 3 branches of government, solutions, and more. Guest Links PJ Media Substack YouTube
Pam Adams The Facts Paper History Episode 119 Pamela Adams (7/21/2021) - Pamela Adams discusses the historical connections between the current tyranny of today. We will talk false flags, the Nazi connections, COVID, and more. Guest Link The Facts Paper
Jane_Ruby Episode 118 Dr. Jane Ruby (7/21/2021) - Dr. Jane Ruby joins us today to discuss COVID, vaccines, and what led us to this place. We will also get into the things that we can expect in the months and years to come as a consequence of the vaccines. Guest Link Dr. Jane Ruby
Jack_Cashill Episode 117 Dr. Jack Cashill (7/16/2021) - Dr. Jack Cashill joins us today to discuss TWA Flight 800, Obama, and media censorship. We will also get into Bill Clinton, the events of the 90’s, and academia. Guest Link Jack Cashill
Michael_Volpe Episode 116 Michael Volpe (7/7/2021) - Investigative journalist Michael Volpe joins us again today in the Anomic Age. We will delve into his most recent exposé series on the corrupt CPS and Family Court Systems in North Carolina and Dade County, Florida. Guest Links Michael Volpe Substack
Masako_Ganaha Episode 115 Masako Ganaha (7/5/2021) - Masko Ganah joins us today to discuss her research into the U.S. border crisis. Specifically, Masako will cover the atrocities happening at the Darien Gap—including the rape, murder, assault, robbery, and smuggling that occur there every day. Guest Links YouTube Locals
Rudy Davis Year of Jubile Christian prison ministry Episode 114 Rudy Davis (6/24/2021) - Rudy Davis is with us today to discuss the many political prisoners in the United States, GOD, and the events at January 6th. We will also get into various government operations and the corruption of many different government entities. Guest Link Year of Jubile
Carlos-Zapata Episode 113 Carlos Zapata (6/16/2021) - Carlos Zapata is with us to discuss the Red White and Blueprint documentary series. He also talks about election recounts in California, being an entrepreneur, COVID, and ways to resist the tyranny. Guest Link Red White And Blueprint
David-Sumrall Episode 112 David Sumrall (6/10/2021) - David Sumrall joins us today to discuss his documentary Righting History: The Journalistic Battle of January 6th. We will also get into the evidence of deep state backing, agent provocateurs, and police violence during the events in DC on January 6th. Guest Link Stop Hate
Alan Myers FED ED CPA and Forensic Accountant Episode 111 Alan Myers (6/2/2021) - Alan Myers joins us to discuss women of the American Revolution, Red Pill Expo, and the lessons we can learn from history. We will also delve into current events and more. Guest Link Fed Ed
Debbie-Bacigalupi Episode 110 Debbie Bacigalupi (5/28/2021) - Debbie Bacigalupi joins use today for Part 2 on Agenda 21, the Benefits of Globalism and Gaia Worship. We will also get into the eugenics connections and how UN Agenda 21/30 is being implemented around us all the time. Guest Links Technocracy News Agenda 21 Challenge