Past Shows

Kiser Episode 61 Kay Kiser (8/28/2020) - Kay Kiser is with us today to discuss the proliferation of the progressive philosophy throughout academia, her books, Darwin, and more. Guest Link
Andrew_Thorp_King Episode 60 Andrew Thorp King (8/23/2020) - Andrew Thorp King is here to talk punk, hardcore, entrepreneurship, success, and his new book. We will also get into using discernment, his journey to Christ, and blocking out negative influences in your life Guest Link
David_Hardy Episode 59 David Hardy (8/12/2020) - David Hardy joins us today to discuss the events that occurred in the 51 day siege at Waco, his book, and more. Guest Link David Hardy Books
Michael Hansen Filmmaker No Go Zones Episode 58 Michael Hansen (8/7/2020) - Michael Hansen returns today to discuss his new documentary Killing Free Speech 2. We also get into mass censorship, violence, and ANTIFA. Guest Link Killing Free Speech
David Galvin Homeschool Easy Episode 57 David Galvin (8/5/2020) - David Galvin returns today to discuss his new book The White Horse Rideth!, education, and end times. Guest Link
Episode 56 Paul Weston Eden (8/1/2020) - Paul Weston Eden is with us today to talk about his work with Kudos! Ministry. He will also discuss spiritual warfare, discipleship, and what we can all do in these troubled times. Guest Link Kudos! Ministry
Michael_Volpe Episode 55 Michael Volpe (7/30/2020) - Investigative journalist Michael Volpe joins us today in the Anomic Age. We will delve into his work exposing corruption in the court system, Veterans Administration, and CPS. Guest Link The Provocateur
Episode 54 Pastor David Berman (7/24/2020) - Pastor David Berman is with us today to discuss where the church is during these perilous times. We will also get into the infiltration of Marxism in schools, the lack of action in our society, and what we can do to stem the tide and reclaim the nation. Guest Link CLF Church
Episode 53 Jasen Edwards (7/16/2020) - Jasen Edwards from Informal Warfare joins us tonight. In this episode we will delve into GOD, the power of words, and overcoming the deception in today’s world. Guest Link Informal Warfare
Bryan Stevens Survival On Purpose 2nd Amendment Homeschool Episode 52 Bryan Stevens (1/12/2020) - Bryan runs the YouTube channel Survival On Purpose, where he provides information and gear reviews related to camping, survival and general preparedness for regular folks. When he’s not making videos, strumming his guitar or playing in the woods, he manages his plumbing business, Plumbing On Purpose. He and his wife Jenny have been married for […]
Raptorman Raptorman Reports Geoengineering Chemtrails Episode 51 Raptorman (12/23/2019) - This week we will speak with Raptorman for our 1 Year Anniversary Episode. He will share his most recent research and articles on geoengineering and resent evidence that flies in the face of the conventional theories.
Curtis Stone The Urban Farmer Episode 50 Curtis Stone (12/14/2019) - Curtis Stone enters into The Anomic Age today to discuss urban farming, sustainable agriculture, issues with land rights, and more. Curtis will also delve into his book The Urban Farmer and his weekly podcast Liberty on the Land. Guest Link Liberty On The Land
Matthew Landman Frankenskies 5G Episode 49 Matt Landman (12/5/2019) - Matt Landman is with us today to discuss his documentary Frankenskies and the risks associated with the proliferation of 5G technology. We will also get into how to unplug, become grounded in nature, and take action. Guest Link Frankenskies