Past Shows

Episode 13 Scott Bennett (3/9/2019) - In this episode, we welcome to the program Scott Bennett. Scott Bennett is a U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (2LT 11th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. Guest Link ShellGameWhistleblower
Episode 12 James Horn (3/2/2019) - Tonight it is my pleasure to speak with Jim Horn. Jim is a retired diplomat and Counter-Terrorism expert, Jim experienced a decade of life and work in Islamic societies and knows Islam very well. He is a counter-jihad activist and author who frankly discusses Islam in his mission to educate Americans about the true nature […]
Episode 11 Samuel Johnston (2/23/2019) - In this episode we will speak with Sam Johnston, from The Sharpening Report (TSR). Sam was born and raised in a Christian conservative home in the UP of Michigan. It wasn’t long after obtaining a duel major in Sports Management and Bible and Theology that he truly began his education. Once his eyes were open […]
Episode 10 Elias Alias (2/17/2019) - Tonight we speak with Elias Alias.  Elias was the senior editor for the Oath Keepers’ national website for seven years, until November 2016. Having retired from Oath Keepers, Elias is now going back into jewelry design work and will occasionally add a page or two to his website: Elias also works as an associate […]
Episode 9 Michael DeLeon (2/9/2019) - We are happy to have Michael DeLeon on this episode. Michael is an award-winning filmmaker and has directed and produced four documentaries on addiction, focusing on the opiate and heroin epidemic in America, marijuana legalization and Addiction Recovery. His memoir, “Chasing Detours” will be released in 2019. There are numerous other film and book projects […]
Episode 8 Edward Cage (2/7/2019) - This week we are proud to welcome Minister Edward Cage to the program. Edward is a conservative activist, public figure, artist, and author. He joins us today to discuss his journey to Christ, and how he transformed his life from liberalism to being a God-fearing, strong-minded, thought provoking, in-your-face Christian Conservative with an attitude. Minister […]
John_Age Episode 7 John Age (2/1/2019) - After a variety of technical issues, that left our guest unable to join us this week, we will catch up on a variety of news topics and discuss current events. Guest Link Anomic Age
Episode 6 Rudy Davis (1/26/2019) - Tonight we welcome onto the program Rudy Davis. Rudy is a King James Bible believing follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He runs a small Christian prison ministry in Texas and works tirelessly to expose prisoners who have been unjustly incarcerated. Rudy also has a website, where people can research cases of unjustly imprisoned individuals […]
Episode 5 Elaine Willman (1/21/2019) - This week we will talk with Ms. Elaine Willman. Ms. Willman received a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Cal State University in 1991, and has obtained 96 credits towards her doctoral work in public policy. She has lived on three Indian reservations for the past 30 years: the Yakama, the Oneida in Wisconsin, and […]
Episode 4 Mark Musser (1/13/2019) - In this episode, we talk with Mark Musser. Mark is a part-time missionary, pastor, farmer, and author. He and his family currently live in the former Soviet Union serving as missionaries. He graduated from the infamous Evergreen State College in 1989 (that made national news headlines not long ago for anti-white racism). Then, he graduated […]
TannersDad Episode 3 Tim Welsh (Tanners Dad) (1/4/2019) - Today we will speak with Tim Welsh (TannersDad). Tim is the Chief Media Officer for American Health Coalition, Contributing Editor for Age of Autism, a health freedom advocate, and host of Tim Talk, a weekly talk show. Most importantly, he is the father of Tanner, a vaccine injured child. Tim uses social media to support […]
Raptorman Episode 2 Raptorman (12/22/2018) - This week we will speak with Raptorman. He is an investigative journalist and forensic historian, researching interesting and informative subjects. Raptorman is a freelance writer linking to source documentation, to ask important questions not covered anywhere else. Natural News Network has carried his series ‘Raptorman Reports’ and he has had articles published by hundreds of […]
John_Age Episode 1 John Age (12/12/2018) - In this episode we will meet John Age.  He will discuss the impetus for the show, a breakdown of things to come with the program, and a brief bio of himself. Guest Link John Age