Christopher McDonald


Christopher McDonald is a patriot, a pastor and the Founder and Editor of the Great Smoky Mountain Journal. He hosts the Mc Files Broadcast, a podcast dedicated to truth, faith and Liberty. The Great Smoky Mountain Journal is a fantastic resource for news that is relevant to Christians, conservatives and Constitutionalist as we navigate these tumultuous times.

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The Mc Files

Brendi Wells


Brendi Wells was born and raised in South Africa and has been on the forefront of making the world aware of what was and is currently going on in South Africa today. Since 2014, she has exposed the atrocities and heartbreaking reality of the persecution her people are suffering as a result of the 1994 communist takeover, disguised as a “democracy”. She is currently living in America with her husband John B Wells, whom she met when she was on his show ‘Caravan to Midnight’ in August 2014. Together they have taken awareness of this cause to the highest levels of Governments around the world. Today she will explain what the next steps in rescuing a nation of people from a sure extinction.

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Quantum Praise

Caravan To Midnight

Daniel Brigman


Daniel Brigman considers himself an American through and through with roots running distinctly southern. Raised in a town outside of Atlanta he was fortunate to have family around him…including his grandparents. The lessons Daniel’s grandparents gained living during the great depression became silent sermons of generational ethics including Patriotism, Faith and self-reliance.

After marrying his wife Tristen and becoming a father to their children, the desire for his family to be prepared became a priority. The disappointment in the quality of products in long term food storage encouraged Daniel and his Wife to begin their own company. With a mission to provide superior products to the preparedness industry — NuManna was born. As Daniel matured, his love for the founding fathers and this nation took on greater significance. Daniel took it upon himself to write Forever 1776…a spiritual discovery into the heart of the American Revolution and our Law. Emotionally reconnecting with the foundation of our Nation is very important to the Brigman family and is the goal of this important book.

Because of NuManna and Forever 1776 Daniel was introduced to Joyce Riley, host of the nationally syndicated talk show, The Power Hour. It was a meeting which would dramatically shape his future. Their relationship quickly took root, so much so, Daniel became a regular voice on The Power Hour. Today, Daniel carries on the legacy as host of The Power Hour which began over twenty years ago by Joyce Riley. When not raising a family with his beautiful wife, Daniel now spends his time between Numanna and The Power Hour sharing his passions-Independence, better health and the truth.

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The Power Hour

Terry Rapoza


Seeing the overreach of government in 2009, the Rapoza’s helped start The Redding Tea Party as well as help to establish other Tea Party groups in Northern California, which are still active today. Having lived in California his whole life, Mr. Rapoza has watched the decline from the Golden State. He recognizes that our liberties are being taken from us on a daily basis mostly due to the fact that we have little representation in our state legislature. Mr. Rapoza has decided to not watch as our liberties crumble, but to take steps to insure they are preserved using the power of the people given to us in the Constitution.

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State of Jefferson

Chris Baucom


Chris Baucom previously co-hosted Remnant Radio Network and has been a guest on any number of major conservative broadcasts discussing geopolitics, science, technology, health, preparedness and world events as they relate to bible prophecy. While living in South Florida and before going into broadcasting, Chris specialized in marketing and online media for major evangelical organizations, political propositions and well known speakers. Chris grew up in Charlotte, NC.

Bill Bean


Bill Bean is a world renowned Exorcist / Spiritual Deliverance Minister, and is known as ‘The Spiritual Warrior.’ He’s also an internationally known author, lecturer and paranormal / supernatural expert. Bill has helped hundreds of people in America, along with many others in nearly 50 different countries. Bill Bean’s Spiritual Warfare Deliverance Ministry addresses anything from curses – blocks – attachments – obsession – oppression to possession by demonic spirits.

“Life is all about moving forward.” Bill Bean.

Bean is currently appearing in episodes of the 2020 Travel Channel series,’Ghost Nation and a 2019 episode of the Holzer Files. Bill has also appeared in many episodes of the A Haunting series. He regularly joins George Noory on ‘Coast to Coast AM’, and he has appeared in the Lifetime Movie Network series, ‘I was Possessed.’

Bill appeared on The Glenn Beck Podcast, Friday August 14, 2020 and has recently been featured in the UK’s Daily Star Newspaper.

Bill also appears monthly on the ‘Kev Baker Show’ out of Scotland and has a show every Sunday with Kev Baker, called Warrior Mode. Bean appeared in the 2010 SYFY movie ‘The Haunted Boy’ and has appeared in many TV shows about the paranormal / supernatural.

Bill is the author of the following critically acclaimed books: Dark Force, Delivered, Ten Steps to Victory, The Connection, Stranger Than Fiction, Dark Force Revisited and his new book The 7th Book. Bill Bean has given over 2000 media interviews, and has been featured in many news programs, books, magazines and newspapers worldwide.

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Bill Bean

Dr. Darrell Hamamoto


Darrell Y. Hamamoto is a professor emeritus of American Media and Popular Culture in the Dept. of Asian American Studies at the University of California, Davis. He has a research and teaching interest in sexuality studies. His current book project is titled “New World Order Theory For Students: Beyond Race, Class, and Gender.” His most recent book is “Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America.”

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Professor Hamamoto

Nelson Thall


Nelson Spencer Thall was Born in Toronto, Canada in 1952. He holds an Honours B.A. from York University and is a University of Toronto Grad. Nelson Spencer Thall is a media scientist and Marshall McLuhan scholar most noted for his portrayal of media commentator Lenny Bloom. In 1991 Nelson Thall was the recipient of the Marshall McLuhan Distinguished Teachers Award and on May 7, 1996 represented the Writers Guild of Canada before the Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal, writing the legal definition of terms such as ‘multimedia’ into law. President of the Marshall McLuhan Center On Global Communications from 1990-1995. He has served on the Boards of Directors of Torstar, Stan Lee Media Inc., Peace Arch Films & Entertainment, and other publicly traded media companies.

In April 2004, Toronto police entered Nelson’s residence without a search warrant thus contravening his rights as granted under the Canadian constitution. This illegal entry by police occurred only weeks after the Cloak & Dagger Radio Show on AM640 broadcast live interviews with police informants who exposed internal police union corruption. Thall was arrested but never convicted, bail money and items seized returned to him by police. The break-in by police was reported in the newspaper. His lawyer, Edward Greenspan, claimed that his client was harassed as a result of his work on radio.

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McLuhanesque Tactics



Sabo is an American political guerilla artist based out of Los Angeles. The name Sabo is derived from the SABOT round shot from the M-60 series main battle tank he crewed during his time in the Marine Corp.

Two decades working in the start-ups / design field provided him the knowledge required to create his pieces from concept to completion.

Sabo believes the importance of this work doesn’t so much lie in the craftsmanship or even that he’s one of very few who create this brand of right-leaning brace knuckle art, the importance he believes is in opening peoples understanding of how much of our countries ills are rooted in the Leftist messages we are constantly bombarded with from the news media, to the arts, Hollywood, the music industry and education.

While uncomfortable to most staunch conservatives it’s important to be able to speak to a younger, more hard-edge demographic in a voice that resonates with them, one that they would not otherwise hear. After seeing that few, if any, on the Right were correcting the Lefts negative depictions of who and what conservatives are Sabo decided that maybe this was his calling. “One day all the stars aligned. I was creatively and technically proficient, I had a strong understanding of the state of politics and I realized our side need hero in the arts. I may not be able to sing and dance, but man can I put together a mean poster. To all aspiring artists who find themselves on my side of the political fence, jump in the waters warm. And you’re needed more than ever.”

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Dr. James Tracy


James Tracy was a tenured Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) for fourteen years. FAU stripped Tracy of his tenure and terminated him in 2016 for failing to file paperwork disclosing his personal blogging. He has since filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against FAU that was tried 2017 and is presently before the US Court of Appeals. Tracy has published numerous research articles and book chapters on journalism media history.

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Tracy Legal Defense Fund

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