Sabo is an American political guerilla artist based out of Los Angeles. The name Sabo is derived from the SABOT round shot from the M-60 series main battle tank he crewed during his time in the Marine Corp.

Two decades working in the start-ups / design field provided him the knowledge required to create his pieces from concept to completion.

Sabo believes the importance of this work doesn’t so much lie in the craftsmanship or even that he’s one of very few who create this brand of right-leaning brace knuckle art, the importance he believes is in opening peoples understanding of how much of our countries ills are rooted in the Leftist messages we are constantly bombarded with from the news media, to the arts, Hollywood, the music industry and education.

While uncomfortable to most staunch conservatives it’s important to be able to speak to a younger, more hard-edge demographic in a voice that resonates with them, one that they would not otherwise hear. After seeing that few, if any, on the Right were correcting the Lefts negative depictions of who and what conservatives are Sabo decided that maybe this was his calling. “One day all the stars aligned. I was creatively and technically proficient, I had a strong understanding of the state of politics and I realized our side need hero in the arts. I may not be able to sing and dance, but man can I put together a mean poster. To all aspiring artists who find themselves on my side of the political fence, jump in the waters warm. And you’re needed more than ever.”

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Joey Gibson


Joey Gibson is an advocate for freedom and believes it is imperative for followers of Christ to take the church into the streets, city councils, capitol buildings, courthouses, or anywhere we see injustices running unopposed including Hong Kong, China. Gibson believes that remaining silent is consent, and lives by the motto “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God”.

He has traveled the country giving speeches pleading with patriots and believers to stand now for he believes this is the last chance. Gibson has organized dozens of marches and rallies in support of free speech, gun rights, medical freedom, and sanctuary counties for the constitution. He has participated in numerous campaigns from the city level all the way up to the federal level and runs Public Relations for several advocates fighting for freedom.

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Patriot Prayer

Eric Philpot

Pastor Eric was called into the service of our Lord in 2009 as an under-shepherd for the Lord Jesus Christ. Having served in the military, the Lord used this time to help him realize that he needed a Savior.

Living his life believing in God, there was no real connection to the roll Jesus played in the Life of a Christian. After having a false conversion in 2001, it was not until 2005 that the Lord revealed Himself and Eric was gloriously saved and came to the knowledge of Christ’ unending love.

Pastor Eric was ordained as a Southern Baptist however, in 2011 planted a Non-501 (c)3 Church after realizing that the 501(c)3 status of the Church in America is a form of Baal worship (unknowingly). Pastor Eric is a graduate of LBU (Louisiana Baptist University) and completes his Masters of Psychology and Biblical Counseling this year in 2020.

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Cross Life Family Worship

Douglas V. Gibbs


Douglas V. Gibbs is a Radio Host, Fox News Contributor, Author, Publisher, President of the Constitution Association, Public Speaker, and an Instructor on the United States Constitution. Doug is a member of the California Republican Assembly, “Unite Inland Empire ” patriot group coalition, the “American Authors Association”, “The Military Writers Society of America,” and a board member of Birth Choice Temecula Pregnancy Center.

He received the Golden Anchor Award for his patriotic commentary in 2008, and received a California State Senate Certificate of Recognition in 2014. Doug is a family man, married 36 years to his high school sweetheart. He is the father of two and has seven grandchildren. Doug is a proud United States Navy veteran.

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Douglas V. Gibbs

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Episode 42 Brandon

Brandon That's The Point Activist

Brandon, from That’s The Point With Brandon enters the Anomic Age today to discuss his work in independent media. Brandon is a grassroots, independent media, producer based out of Los Angeles, California. Today, he will share his insight on just how far left California is going, how his media is exposing the lies of the communists, and his journey in Christ.

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That’s The Point With Brandon