Tonight we will delve into the COVID replay. I’ll discuss Biden rolling out the new incarnation of the COVID psyop and what is to come.



Tonight I will discuss breaking the compliance programing in the American people. We will delve into our last chance to resist tyranny.



Tonight I will delve into the resurrection of the COVID PsyOP. We will get into the new variant and preparations to roll out the next phase of global control.

Episode 190 Kevin Thompson


Kevin Thompson, host of Weighing in with Kevin Thompson, joins us to discuss the Trump indictment, UFOs, and the election. We will also delve into the cultural and global change that have occurred in the last few decades.

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ZMA Radio



Tonight I’ll get into the darkness of the holiday season and how to harness the darkness for light. We’ll discuss the media blitz of distractions, the control of society through anticipation for nothing, and the inversion of all reality.

Episode 162 Cal Washington

Cal Washington InPower Merchant Scholar

Cal Washington joins us today to cover the the Biblical connects to what we are seeing today. Also, we will get into solutions to the mounting problems facing humanity.

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Today we’ll cover the Trump announcement and what that really means. Also, we’ll get into the Poland attack and various other forms other weapons of mass distraction.


Tonight we’ll continue the comedy of covering current events. I’ll delve into the joke level idiocy that is the election, Trump, Kyrie, Kanye, and more.



Tonight I’ll get into the joke that our society is. We’ll cover the lack of any reaction to the stolen election, downfall of the nation, and money laundering.

Episode 161 Michael Yon


Michael Yon is back with us today to discuss the Maricopa County election results. We will also get into the midterm election, illegal immigration, the economy, and coming energy crisis.

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Michael Yon