Episode 99 Carl Teichrib


AA-99 Carl Teichrib joins us to discuss Burning Man, Paganism, Transhumanism, complicity of the church, spiritualism, and the role of the 1960’s as a paradigm changing decade. We will also get into the underlying theme of communitas and how it can be used to control the populous.

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Game Of Gods

Episode 93 BadAss Uncle Sam


Sam is an activist and researcher, with a background in sales and art. As a political cartoonist, he decided to take his art to the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana and engage the people firsthand. He has been actively bringing his message of liberty and truth as an activist for over 8 years. His tireless pursuit of the truth has led him to publish thousands of videos and reach people around the world, proving that one man can make a difference.

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BadAss Uncle Sam