Episode 200 Michael Volpe


Michael Volpe joins us to discuss his investigations into CPS and Family Court. We will delve into the corruption and connections ties between these institutions and others.

Guest Link

Michael Volpe Substack

Episode 199 Zachary King


Zachary King joins us to discuss the occult connections to our current society. We will also delve how abortion and other mass sacrifice events shape our culture.

Episode 198 Dan Happel


Dan Happel joins us today to discuss the Red Pill Expo. We will also delve into the current state of the nation, what is to come, and current events.

Guest Link

Dan Happel

Episode 197 Jay Rowe


Jay Rowe joins us today to talk AI, Klaus Schwab, and what that may mean for humanity. We will also get into the role that Christian must play in taking the country back

Guest Link

3rd Day Warriors

Episode 196 Vera Sharav


Vera Sharav joins us to discuss the global holocaust brought on by the COVID vaccine. We will delve into how this connects to eugenics, Nazis, and more.

Guest Links

Never Again is Now Global

The Alliance for Human Research Protection

Episode 195 Bill Bean


Bill Bean is with us to discuss the very real spiritual connections to what is occurring in our society. We will also delve into how these connections are manifested in music and popular culture as a satanic deception.

Guest Link

Bill Bean

Episode 194 Courtenay Turner


Courtenay Turner joins us to discuss her recent C.A.U.S.E Fest in Tennessee. We will also delve into how the left control and use art and music as mechanisms of culture creation.

Guest Link

Courtenay Turner

Episode 193 Scott Schara


Scott Schara joins us to discuss the death of his daughter Grace at the hands of the American medical system. We will also delve into the global euthanasia agenda and the dangers of incentivized healthcare.

Guest Links

Deprogramming With Grace’s Dad

Grace Schara

Our Amazing Grace

Breaking The Oath

Episode 192 Cathy O’Brien


Cathy O’Brien joins us today to discuss MKUltra, mind control, and Project Monarch. We will also get into how this ritual abuse is being used on the populous to traumatize and control people.

Guest Links

Trance Formation

Trance Movie

Episode 191 Michael DeLeon


Michael DeLeon discusses America’s drug problem. We will delve into the the normalization of weed, vaping, and fentanyl in the nation and how to combat it.

Guest Links

Steered Straight Inc.

Recovery Army