Episode 88 Christopher McDonald


Christopher McDonald joins us before the inauguration to discuss the election, Trump, and the fall of the Republic. We will delve into what we can expect under a communist regime and what the end of America means to us domestically and the rest of the world.

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The Mc Files

Episode 83 Bill Bean


Bill Bean is here today to discuss deliverance ministry, the occult, possession, GOD, and the downward spiral of our society. Bill will share his own harrowing story and reveal how his own experiences led him to Christ and to using his strength to help others. We will reveal the obvious connections between the vaccines, COVID, and the mark of the beast as well.

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Bill Bean

Episode 81 Nelson Thall


Nelson Thall is with us today to discuss the Kennedy assassination, Marshal McLuhan, the Nazi connections in the United States, and so much more. Mr. Thall will focus on how McLuhan was destroyed for revealing too much information into the mainstream regarding communication, propaganda, and the use of media as a medium of control.

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McLuhanesque Tactics