Tonight we will discuss the Barbie movie symbolism and its ties into culture. We will discuss art imitating life and cultural drivers.



Tonight I’ll delve into the symbolic and mental significance of drag queen story time. We will cover history of stories and what their cultural importance to the stability of a society.



Today we will discuss the importance of friends. We’ll discuss the transformation of our society from a physical to a digital culture and what that means for any resistance against tyranny.



Tonight I’ll get into avoidance culture sweeping America. We’ll delve into why American’s are so unwilling to resist tyranny and how to counter the inaction.



Tonight I will get into the trans cult and their attack on Western society. Specifically, we will delve into the importance of the scarification ritual in the cult.

Mike Williams


Mike Williams is a critical thinker and the host of the popular internet site Sage of Quay™ Radio. He is also the founder of his long running alternative news blog Sage of Quay. Mike’s content is dedicated to awakening the masses to help bring humanity back into our natural existence of living in truth and serving Creation. Mike brings his audience information on alternative news, research and wellness, the esoteric, spirituality and much more. Mike and his guests are real people with real knowledge on topics and issues you need to know about.

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The Sage of Quay

Episode 178 Mike Williams


Mike Williams joins us today to discuss the Beatles. We will delve into the Tavistock Institute and the creation of our popular culture.

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The Sage of Quay

Episode 176 Jay Weidner


Jay Weidner is with us to discuss the centuries-old effort to manipulate and control culture. We will also discuss the role that various institutions play in keeping the slaves compliant.

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Jay Weidner

Sacred Mysteries

Episode 175 John Waters


John Waters joins us to talk about the the significance of music in culture creation. We will also delve into the destruction of Western culture, illegal immigration, and more.

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John Waters Substack

John Waters



Tonight I’ll delve into the cultural warfare occurring in the West. We will delve into the demobilization, destabilization, demoralization, and infrastructural assault on the culture.