Tonight we will discuss Bronny James and the missing survival instinct in the American people. I’ll connect this into the attack on men, children, the family, and culture.



Tonight I’ll delve into the lack of peace protests in the United States. We will get into Russia, Ukraine, and nuclear war.



Today we will delve into the willingness of Americans to kill themselves. I’ll discuss vaccines, GMO, chemicals in the water, and more.



Tonight I will cover the importance of trusting your instincts. We will delve into using your discernment and using fear to motivate you into action.



Tonight we will break down the global phenomenon of playing dress up. I’ll discuss the not so subtle method of tribalism through costume.

Episode 174 Michael Springmann


Michael Springmann joins us today to discuss the Ukraine, Russia, and China. He will help us to unpack what is on the horizon on the global stage and what that will mean for the citizens of the United States.

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Michael Springmann


J. Michael Springmann is an attorney, author, political commentator, and former diplomat, with postings to Germany, India, and Saudi Arabia. He previously authored, Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the World: An Insider’s View, recounting how the U.S. created and used Islamic Terrorism. Additionally, he penned Goodbye, Europe? Hello, Chaos? Merkel’s Migrant Bomb, an analysis of the alien wave sweeping the Continent. He currently practices law in the Washington D.C. Area. He is a frequent commentator on Arab and Russian news programs.

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Tonight I will get into imminent war with Russia and the underlying war in America. We’ll talk about why America has become such a violent society and if there is any way back.