Tonight we will delve into the COVID replay. I’ll discuss Biden rolling out the new incarnation of the COVID psyop and what is to come.



Tonight I will discuss breaking the compliance programing in the American people. We will delve into our last chance to resist tyranny.



Today we will delve into the broken psyche of America. I’ll connect the dots to the overt unhappiness within America, various operations, and manifestations.



Tonight I will delve into the resurrection of the COVID PsyOP. We will get into the new variant and preparations to roll out the next phase of global control.



Tonight we will discuss Bronny James and the missing survival instinct in the American people. I’ll connect this into the attack on men, children, the family, and culture.



Tonight we will delve into the multilayered societal test that we are all in. I’ll cover the themes, tests, and how to study for it.



Today we will delve into the willingness of Americans to kill themselves. I’ll discuss vaccines, GMO, chemicals in the water, and more.

Episode 197 Jay Rowe


Jay Rowe joins us today to talk AI, Klaus Schwab, and what that may mean for humanity. We will also get into the role that Christian must play in taking the country back

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3rd Day Warriors

Jay Rowe


Jay Rowe is an 8 year United States Marine Corps Veteran, son of the Most High God, revivalist Sheep Dog for the people, and founder of 3rd Day Warriors.

3rd Day Warriors is a ministry that exists to glorify God and make society aware of the spiritual warfare we face. We believe that every individual is called to engage in this battle, and it is our mission to equip them with the tools they need to do so. We strive to create a community of believers who support one another in prayer and who are educated about the realities of spiritual warfare. We believe that together, through God’s power and guidance, we can overcome any obstacle and bring light to a world often shrouded in darkness. Join us in this mission to give glory to God and make a difference in our world.

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3rd Day Warriors

Episode 196 Vera Sharav


Vera Sharav joins us to discuss the global holocaust brought on by the COVID vaccine. We will delve into how this connects to eugenics, Nazis, and more.

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Never Again is Now Global

The Alliance for Human Research Protection