Tonight we will discuss latest weapon of mass distraction. We will tackle the resurgence of all things UFO’s, aliens, and more.



Today we will delve into the recent UFO events and how they can be used to manipulate the psychology of the general public. I’ll also get into the very real mental preparation that we need to be making for what is to come.

Episode 190 Kevin Thompson


Kevin Thompson, host of Weighing in with Kevin Thompson, joins us to discuss the Trump indictment, UFOs, and the election. We will also delve into the cultural and global change that have occurred in the last few decades.

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ZMA Radio

Episode 173 Dr. Bill Birnes


Dr. Bill Birnes joins us today to talk about the recent UFO sightings. We will also delve into Project Blue Beam and the connections between UFO’s and our nations history.

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Tonight we discuss last few weeks of insanity. I’ll cover balloons, explosions, UFO’s being shot down, a piece of the sun breaking off, and more.