Terry Rapoza


Seeing the overreach of government in 2009, the Rapoza’s helped start The Redding Tea Party as well as help to establish other Tea Party groups in Northern California, which are still active today. Having lived in California his whole life, Mr. Rapoza has watched the decline from the Golden State. He recognizes that our liberties are being taken from us on a daily basis mostly due to the fact that we have little representation in our state legislature. Mr. Rapoza has decided to not watch as our liberties crumble, but to take steps to insure they are preserved using the power of the people given to us in the Constitution.

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Rick Osmon

Rick Osmon Archaeology Ancient America

Rick Osmon was born in Indiana in 1953, so he’s older than space flight, FM radio, or color TV. In 1983 he earned an Associates of Science in Laser and Electro-Optics Technology. He worked high tech lasers, night vision, and advanced optics for defense corporations and government for about 25 years, learning new things during the development of LIDAR imaging, digital image analysis, and hyper-spectral analysis. All that time Rick also maintained an interest in “Ancient Mysteries”, a hold-over from the hundreds of lithic artifacts found on the family farm and a life long interest in local history. Now Rick is applying what he learned in the high tech fields to try to solve some of the ancient mysteries.

Rick’s current research uses satellite imagery, LIDAR analysis, hydrology studies, magnetometry, and many other clues to find or identify ancient structures that are pretty much hidden to more traditional detection techniques. He also uses terrain analysis techniques to assess line-of-sight capability across the landscape features, either natural or artificial, that would enable long distance communications using ancient materials and technologies. These results are compared to the analogous system used in the Old World contemporaneously.

Rick writes a regular feature for Ancient American Magazine entitled “Ancient Fortresses of the Ohio Valley”. In it, he has written about both accepted archeology and counter culture traditions. This has even gone to the point of “historical cabals” to hide certain history. His first book is The Graves of the Golden Bear; Ancient Fortresses and Monuments of the Ohio Valley. It’s now in its second edition. His next book, The Seer and the Oracle, will be available on Amazon Kindle, Nook, and print later this year.

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