Tonight we will delve into the Judge Doughty’s rebuke of the surveillance state that we live in and the Biden DOJ appeal of the federal ruling. I’ll also delve into the joke level 1984 police state that we already live in.



Tonight I’ll delve into the various distractions hypnotizing the general public from what is actually going on. We’ll get into the now open admission that the government is gone, America is over, and that we are living in a police state.

Episode 192 Cathy O’Brien


Cathy O’Brien joins us today to discuss MKUltra, mind control, and Project Monarch. We will also get into how this ritual abuse is being used on the populous to traumatize and control people.

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Trance Formation

Trance Movie

Cathy O’Brien


Cathy was born into a multi generational incest based family and was groomed since birth to be a candidate from mind control. Her pedophile father sold Cathy into the CIA’s MK Ultra, Project Monarch, where she would be owned by the late Senator Robert C. Byrd. The physical, mental, and sexual abuse Cathy was subjected to continually caused severe dissociation, which ensured she would never try to escape or share her story. As Cathy got older, her programming became more sophisticated and she became a “Presidential Model” and was prostituted to several prominent politicians and former presidents. She was issued covert assignments in the upper echelon of global politics and used as a drug mule and courier.

Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips collaborated on 3 books detailing her testimony, her experiences, and the healing methods that brought her back to awareness; Trance Formation of America, PTSD: Time to Heal, and Access Denied For Reasons of National Security. In 2022 the film Trance: The Cathy O’Brien Story was released documenting her story.

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Trance Formation

Trance Movie



Tonight I’ll delve into why the American people have become so willing to acquires to tyranny. We will discuss the semantical sabotage that has been underway for many years to reconstruct our mentality and thus our physical response to tyranny.

David Sumrall


David Sumrall created StopHate in 1992 as a result of the L.A. Riots to bridge the divide and bring peace and healing, through educating people of the division supported by the media, with a focus on communication and community. We have participated in peaceful protests, rallies, and community meetings to help open communication and educate people that not everyone chooses hate as a first response. In the mid-90’s we stood against groups including the KKK, and rhetoric against certain leaders in groups including the Nation of Islam. Fast-forward to now, we’ve been active in local communities, and developing relationships with other social media influencers to build a bigger team, pool resources, spread our message to a bigger audience, and organize toward what our vision of victory looks like.

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Stop Hate