Dr. Alphonzo Monzo


Dr. Alphonzo Monzo is a Naturopathic Doctor and views the body as a whole in which all parts are interrelated and should be considered for true health and wellness to be achieved. He has specialized in the field of biophysics, which he has studied for the last 21 years and practiced for the last 16 years. He has over 30,000 hours of experience with Bio-energetic Testing. He is the founder of Aleph-Tav Body System, the deepest energetic communication system of the body. In 2019, Dr. Monzo started Health Restoration Technologies, LLC. This company focuses on health research, product development, and Qest4 testing services. HRT is now Health Restoration Ministries, a private ministerial association which specializes in the field of Biophysics, Weaponized Pathogens & Nanotechnology.

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