Tonight I’ll delve into Doc Martens brand embracing the woke cult. We will discuss the normalization of mutilation and the death of major brands.



Today we will discuss the importance of friends. We’ll discuss the transformation of our society from a physical to a digital culture and what that means for any resistance against tyranny.

Episode 185 Celia Farber


Investigative reporter Celia Farber joins us to discuss her book Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS. We will also delve into the connections between COVID, Fauci, and more.

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Celia Farber

Andrew Thorp King


After graduating Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in English Literature, Andrew Thorp King chose to continue working at the steel plant he had worked at all through college. During that time, he received a real-life lesson in Spanglish while growing a strong appreciation for the working class lifestyle. It was amidst this season of life, while training for a natural bodybuilding competition, that he began his writing discipline in the form of daily journal entries and poems.

His experience of intense bodybuilding training by day and factory work at night germed a large volume of writing. ATK then began giving a slew of spoken word performances throughout the college town of West Chester, PA before diverting his energies into singing in a hardcore punk band. Around that time he was also writing freelance for a handful of music magazines, like Rockpile and Chord.

ATK’s writing then took a back seat for years as adult life took over. He got married in 1999 and three kids followed from there. Professionally, he decided that writing about music was not pro table enough to pave a path to sustainability for his family, so during a bout of unemployment, he maxed out his credit cards and created Thorp Records, a hardcore punk record label.

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