Tonight we will discuss the Barbie movie symbolism and its ties into culture. We will discuss art imitating life and cultural drivers.



Tonight we will discuss Bronny James and the missing survival instinct in the American people. I’ll connect this into the attack on men, children, the family, and culture.



Tonight I will get into America’s obsession with superheroes. We will delve into how the American male has been taught to live vicariously through the heroic actions of fictional characters rather than taking action in their own lives.



Tonight I’ll get into the continuation of the problems of the old year in the new. We’ll delve into depopulation, masculinity, and what it all means for 2023.

Joe Prim

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Joe Prim is a Christian, a husband, a father, the founder of Vigilant Wolf, and the host of Ever Vigilant. Our mission is to challenge and encourage men to prepare, defend, and lead at home and in their communities.

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