Tonight I’ll get into the destruction of France. We will discuss the invasion of France by Muslim terrorists and the failure of anyone to stop them.



Today I’ll get into the operation to quell public discourse and resistance through censorship. We will delve into the sanitization of speech while simultaneously promulgating deviance.



Tonight I will get into America’s obsession with superheroes. We will delve into how the American male has been taught to live vicariously through the heroic actions of fictional characters rather than taking action in their own lives.



Tonight I will delve into the apathetic delight that has gripped America. I’ll connect dots between the demise of America, the psychopathology of our oppressors, and the inability of the nation to stand up.



Tonight I will be discussing idolatry and the cult of personality. We will also talk the arrest of President Trump and the broader ramifications of America’s inaction.

Michael Hansen

Michael Hansen Filmmaker No Go Zones

Michael Hansen is an independent filmmaker, credentialed teacher, and military veteran of both the Danish and U.S. Army.

Michael Hansen’s projects have been featured in international news media outlets such as One America News, The Blaze, and Rebel Media. He has been nominated for an award by the London based watchdog group, Passion for Freedom. As a filmmaker, Michael Hansen has infiltrated militant far left organizations and exposed how they promote violent, extremist agendas in public schools, universities, and government. His fearless search for truth has taken him from “No Go Zones” in Sweden, where even the police fear to go, to the infamous migrant camp “The Jungle” in France. He posed as a “refugee” during the 2015 European migration crisis, and as an ANTIFA activist during the 2016 Presidential election.

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Killing Free Speech

Episode 31 Michael Hansen

Michael Hansen Filmmaker No Go Zones

This week I am happy to welcome documentary filmmaker Michael Hansen into the Anomic Age. He will discuss his films, free speech, and illegal immigration. Michael will also discuss the role ANTIFA has played in the collapse of Europe and how their actions there can predict what is to come here in America.

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Killing Free Speech