Tonight I will cover the yawn fest of coverage that was the 22 anniversary of the 911 false flag. I will delve into why this and many other false flags are no longer covered once their shelf life of political use has expired.



Tonight I will delve into galvanizing public opinion through false flags. We will discuss the Maui Fire and the new false flag on the horizon.



Tonight I’ll cover the breaking news of a U-Haul crash into White House barricades. We’ll discuss how the government is resurrecting operations from the 1990’s to brainwash the public into another fear campaign.

David Sumrall


David Sumrall created StopHate in 1992 as a result of the L.A. Riots to bridge the divide and bring peace and healing, through educating people of the division supported by the media, with a focus on communication and community. We have participated in peaceful protests, rallies, and community meetings to help open communication and educate people that not everyone chooses hate as a first response. In the mid-90’s we stood against groups including the KKK, and rhetoric against certain leaders in groups including the Nation of Islam. Fast-forward to now, we’ve been active in local communities, and developing relationships with other social media influencers to build a bigger team, pool resources, spread our message to a bigger audience, and organize toward what our vision of victory looks like.

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