Tonight I’ll delve into the importance of letting God plan your life. We will also get into the moral, physical, spiritual, decay of our society.



Tonight I will get into the descent into madness that has infected the nation. I’ll tackle this from both sides of the isle and analyze the broader repercussions of this nightmare.

Masako Ganaha


Japanese is a foreign correspondent from Okinawa. Ms. Ganaha is well known for her research in Japan, Taiwan, and United States on Chinese Communist Party Information Warfare.

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Bill Birnes


Dr. Bill Birnes is perhaps best known for his numerous credits on Ancient Aliens, Unsealed: Conspiracy Files, and UFO Hunters. Bill is also a New York Times best selling author of the UFO Hunters series. He is a researcher, writer, coauthor, publisher, and contributor on numerous books. In 1983 Bill cofounded Shadow Lawn Press where is continues to publish books on a variety of topics today.

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Shadow Lawn Press

Sarah Dye


Sarah is a wife, mother, and small-scale organic farmer who home-schools her three young children. Since 2011 Schooner Creek Farm has peacefully sold at the Bloomington Community Farmer’s Market as their source of livelihood. Recently, radicals began harassing them and protesting at their booth within the market for their alleged political views. They were helpless against the onslaught of terror, which the Mayor of the City of Bloomington publicly endorsed, along with city, and market employees. Finally, they were able to obtain an attorney and they are now fighting back.

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Schooner Creek Farm