Episode 4 Mark Musser

Mark Musser Environmentalism Nazi Ecology

In this episode, we talk with Mark Musser. Mark is a part-time missionary, pastor, farmer, and author. He and his family currently live in the former Soviet Union serving as missionaries. He graduated from the infamous Evergreen State College in 1989 (that made national news headlines not long ago for anti-white racism). Then, he graduated from Western Seminary in 1994 in Portland, Oregon with a Master of Divinity. Mark has served as a pastor and a missionary since that time. Currently he is enrolled in a doctoral program at Corban University in Salem, Oregon.

Mark has written two books entitled, “Nazi Ecology” and “Wrath or Rest.” His work connects many aspects of our current ecological movements to those of the Nazis. He also outlines the various theoretical approaches that influenced the Nazi ecology and persist throughout the environmental movements of today.

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Mark Musser