Past Guests

Michael DeLeon (2/9/2019) - Michael R. DeLeon, a successfully acclimated ex-offender who after nearly 8 years of drug addiction and gang involvement, spent 12 years in state prison and half-way houses for a gang-related homicide. Since Michael’s release from prison, he has earned 3 Associates Degrees, a Baccalaureate Degree in Business Management, with a minor in Criminal Justice and […]
Edward Cage GOD Conservative Edward Cage (2/7/2019) - Edward Cage was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Raised on the city’s North side, he was faced with countless challenges, each of which he overcame. Edward’s teen years were full of pain and confusion, including becoming a father at the age of sixteen. He dropped out of high school and began to sell drugs, but, […]
Rudy Davis Year of Jubile Christian prison ministry Rudy Davis (1/26/2019) - Rudy is a King James Bible believing follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He runs a small Christian prison ministry in Texas and works tirelessly to expose prisoners who have been unjustly incarcerated. Rudy also has a website, where people can research cases of unjustly imprisoned individuals and make contact with any follow-up questions Guest […]
Elaine Willman Indian Policy Native American Elaine Willman (1/20/2019) - Ms. Willman received a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Cal State University in 1991, and has obtained 96 credits towards her doctoral work in public policy. She has lived on three Indian reservations for the past 30 years: the Yakama, the Oneida in Wisconsin, and currently resides on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana. […]
Mark Musser Environmentalism Nazi Ecology Mark Musser (1/13/2019) - Mark is a part time missionary, pastor, farmer, and author, depending on what time of day it is and what time of year it is. Currently he and his family spend most of their time in the former Soviet Union serving as missionaries. Home base is Yerevan, Armenia, but they do have significant ministries/missions in […]
Tim Welsh Tanners Dad Vaccine Vaccine Injury Tim Welsh (TannersDad) (1/4/2019) - Tim is the Chief Media Officer for American Health Coalition a contributing editor for Age of Autism, and he is a talk show host (#TimTalk) Thursday 8 PM EST But, most importantly, Tim is the Father of Tanner, who is now 21 years old. He has documented their journey for the past 16 years on […]
Raptorman Raptorman Reports Geoengineering Chemtrails Raptorman (12/22/2018) - Raptorman is an investigative journalist and forensic historian, researching interesting and informative subjects. Raptorman is a freelance writer linking to source documentation, to ask important questions not covered anywhere else. Natural News Network has carried his series ‘Raptorman Reports’ and he has had articles published by hundreds of websites around the world. Guest Links Raptorman […]
John Age Anomic Age The John Age Project John Age (12/12/2018) - I was born in a small coastal community on the East Coast. My family and my maternal grandparents played an integral role in my development. I believe, like most people, that my process of awakening is in flux. Knowledge truly is power and each day is a new day to learn, to use that knowledge […]