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Carole G. Adams, Ph.D. serves as the second President of FACE (The Foundation for American Christian Education) following Rosalie J. Slater, founder. She is the lead author and editor of The Noah Plan Principle Approach curriculum. She is also the editor of Nation Makers: the Art of Self-Government, based upon the original Rudiments of America’s Christian History, a primer in America’s Christian history and government to restore the knowledge and purpose of America’s founding to today’s American Christian. Dr. Adams founded and served as Headmaster of Stonebridge School, a Principle Approach demonstration school located in Chesapeake, Virginia. Her life and ministry in Christian education personify her chosen scripture, “Faith working through love,” (Gal. 5:6) as she has encouraged parents, inspired young learners and mentored hundreds of aspiring Christian educators through teaching that imparts the love and liberty of Jesus Christ.

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The Foundation for American Christian Education

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