Tonight we’ll continue the comedy of covering current events. I’ll delve into the joke level idiocy that is the election, Trump, Kyrie, Kanye, and more.



Tonight I’ll cover the new details of Kyrie Irving’s speech loss. We’ll get into how this ties into the death of free speech for everyone.



From Kanye to Kyrie the target is you. Tonight I’ll examine the removal of Kyrie Irving’s free speech. We will also discuss how this connects to Kanye, Alex Jones, Trump, and you.



Tonight I’ll get into censorship, Halloween, and nostalgia. We will delve into the reality that never was vs. the the reality that is.

Episode 156 Dale Smith

Dale Smith Meet at the Shade Tree

Dale Smith joins us again to get into censorship, false flags, and education. We will also tie things together by discussing the Iron Mountain Report, culture creation, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, and more.

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Meet At The ShadeTree

Episode 153 Dale Smith

Dale Smith Meet at the Shade Tree

Dale Smith is with us today to discuss the waterfront of topics from censorship, corruption, division, and propaganda. We will get into the psychological manipulation of the masses through drugs, media, coercion, and if the current trajectory can be reversed.

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Meet At The ShadeTree