Tonight I will get into the reoccurring theme of tyranny. We will delve into why the American people keep falling for the lie.

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Tonight I will get into the importance of playing your part. We discus the importance of everyone doing what they can do in order to turn things around, avoiding distractions, and taking breaks when you need them.

Regina Imburgia

Regina Imburgia Fluoridation Activist Dall For Safe Water

Regina grew up in Buffalo, New York in a family where everyone thought out-of-the-box. Standing up for the truth was deeply inbred into her. She moved to Dallas in 1976. In 2013, Regina started the group Activists for Truth. That December the group decided to become involved and learn about city government while exposing the Unsafe Ineffective Fluoridation Program. The group no longer meets weekly, yet Regina and several others continue the fight for safer tap water and to End Fluoridation.

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