John Massaria


John is a filmmaker, activist, director, DP, and interview specialist. He is proficient in all aspects of production and editing; short films, interviews, music videos, and professional audio engineering on location. John also does marketing, promotional designs and campaigns.

His video production & editing experience includes working with Grammy Award Winners like Angela Hunte, singer/song writers Andrea Monica Martin, Doxi Jones, as well as many others in the music business. John’s film work includes filming all day live events such as Liberty Fest 2014-2016, programs for Next News Network, full featured documentaries with world renowned artist Anthony Freda, filmed/produced interviews with artist Peter Kuper, and Gerald Celente from Trends Journal.

John has an extensive background working with whistle blowers as well. He filmed/DP a 6 hour interview with NSA whistle blower William Binney, producer of Tragedy Hope Magazine Richard Grove, and edited/composed videos with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts & Patrick Wood. In addition, John has completed a documentary on Seal Team Six, of Extortion 17 (audio & video), full production interviews with Michael K. Williams, Jessie Ventura, and David Icke’s son, Jaymie Icke.

In 2016 John directed the full featured film “I Love My Country But Hate What They Are Doing”. Recently, he concluded long format interviews with Ray McGovern, William T. Still, William Blum, Don Jefferies, Jeff Steinberg, Jeffrey Lichtman, and Peter Michael Ketcham. In 2017 John was the executive producer on “Rogue Narc”- the story of DEA “Kiki” Camarena and Hector Berrellez and this year he was associate producer for The Last Narc, an Amazon Prime 4 part series.

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