Sabo is an American political guerilla artist based out of Los Angeles. The name Sabo is derived from the SABOT round shot from the M-60 series main battle tank he crewed during his time in the Marine Corp.

Two decades working in the start-ups / design field provided him the knowledge required to create his pieces from concept to completion.

Sabo believes the importance of this work doesn’t so much lie in the craftsmanship or even that he’s one of very few who create this brand of right-leaning brace knuckle art, the importance he believes is in opening peoples understanding of how much of our countries ills are rooted in the Leftist messages we are constantly bombarded with from the news media, to the arts, Hollywood, the music industry and education.

While uncomfortable to most staunch conservatives it’s important to be able to speak to a younger, more hard-edge demographic in a voice that resonates with them, one that they would not otherwise hear. After seeing that few, if any, on the Right were correcting the Lefts negative depictions of who and what conservatives are Sabo decided that maybe this was his calling. “One day all the stars aligned. I was creatively and technically proficient, I had a strong understanding of the state of politics and I realized our side need hero in the arts. I may not be able to sing and dance, but man can I put together a mean poster. To all aspiring artists who find themselves on my side of the political fence, jump in the waters warm. And you’re needed more than ever.”

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