Past Shows

Curtis Stone The Urban Farmer Episode 50 Curtis Stone (12/14/2019) - Curtis Stone enters into The Anomic Age today to discuss urban farming, sustainable agriculture, issues with land rights, and more. Curtis will also delve into his book The Urban Farmer and his weekly podcast Liberty on the Land. Guest Link Liberty On The Land
Matthew Landman Frankenskies 5G Episode 49 Matt Landman (12/5/2019) - Matt Landman is with us today to discuss his documentary Frankenskies and the risks associated with the proliferation of 5G technology. We will also get into how to unplug, become grounded in nature, and take action. Guest Link Frankenskies
Mark Ludwig Americans for Equal Shared Parenting (AFESP) Episode 48 Mark Ludwig (11/28/2019) - Mark Ludwig is the executive director of Americans for Equal Shared Parenting (AFESP). He joins us to discuss the fight for equal shared parenting, the Family Court system, and raising awareness for changes in legislation to help parents and children. Guest Link Americans for Equal Shared Parenting
Cory Daniel The Phoenix Enigma Occult Episode 47 Cory Daniel (11/22/2019) - Cory Daniel is with us today to de-occult the occult. A self-described political occultist and esoteric analyst his most recent body of work involves De-Occulting public ritual false flag events and examining our collective occulted history. We will unpack many of these things and more in today’s episode. Guest Link The Phoenix Enigma
Terri LaPoint Real News Spark Medical Kidnapping Episode 46 Terri LaPoint (11/16/2019) - Terri LaPoint joins us today in The Anomic Age to discuss her investigative work into medical kidnapping. She has published articles on hundreds of cases involving family members taken by Protective Services. We will also delve into the connections to the greater picture of child trafficking, pedophilia, and the murder of those who expose it. […]
Cal Washington InPower Merchant Scholar Episode 45 Cal Washington (11/10/2019) - Cal Washington joins us today to discuss his journey in the legal system and how he became a merchant scholar. All of these experiences inspired Cal to found the InPower organization, so that he can help others. Guest Link InPower
Virginia_Krieger Episode 44 Virginia Krieger (11/3/2019) - Virginia Krieger is an Angel Mom who lost her only daughter Tiffany in 2015 in large part due to flawed U.S. policies on immigration and border security. Virginia now dedicates her life to helping to solve America’s failed immigration policies by educating the public about the dangers of our failed immigration policies. Guest Link Angel […]
Bob Holmes Beat Bob Suicide Bullying Episode 43 Bob Holmes (10/27/2019) - Bob Holmes joins us today in the Anomic Age to discuss the increasing number of suicides occurring in schools across the country. Bob messages for teens and adults about anti-bullying, never giving up on dreams, the effects of drugs and alcohol, encouragement, intentional living, and moving towards a passion filled life! Guest Link Beat Bob
Brandon That's The Point Activist Episode 42 Brandon (10/19/2019) - Brandon, from That’s The Point With Brandon enters the Anomic Age today to discuss his work in independent media. Brandon is a grassroots, independent media, producer based out of Los Angeles, California. Today, he will share his insight on just how far left California is going, how his media is exposing the lies of the […]
David Galvin Homeschool Easy Episode 41 David Galvin (10/12/2019) - David Galvin brings discusses the current educational climate in America and how it was contaminated by communists. He will relay firsthand accounts of just far gone the public school system is and how homeschool can be used as a viable alternative to the government indoctrination system. Guest Link Homeschool Easy
Dan_Happel Agenda 21 Episode 40 Dan Happel (10/5/2019) - Dan Happel is a 4th generation Montanan, born and raised in the Gallatin Valley. Dan is a retired businessman living on a ranch near Pony, Montana with his wife Ingrid, has 3 children, and 4 grandchildren of whom he is especially proud. He graduated Summa Cum Saude in Architectural Technology from Western Technical College and, […]
Ross Powell Survival 401LK Episode 39 Ross Powell (9/29/2019) - Founder of Survival 401k, LLC and have over 30 years experience in the financial sector as vice president in several large national banks and insurance companies. Specialize in helping people move their money out of the secular world and into Kingdom assets such as precious metals, land, rental properties and other alternative assets to truly […]
John Age Anomic Age The John Age Project Episode 38 John Age (9/15/2019) - It’s just me today in the Anomic Age. Today I will get into some local and national news. Then, we’ll discuss how everyone can begin to take action in their own lives. Guest Link Anomic Age