Tonight I will delve into the strange times that we live in. Moreover I will get into how everything seems as if it is off or not quite the same reality that it once was. We will cover 2012,Y2K, and the latest paradigm shifts of the 2000’s.



Tonight I will delve into the importance of being impactful. We will discuss the strange environment created by social media and how it has impacted human interaction for the better and for the worse.



Tonight we will delve into the Antisemitism Awareness Act and its real implications. We will also discuss links in the chains of our past that have led us into being the weak slaves that we are today.



Tonight we will discuss the illusion of perfection that is promulgated in our society. I’ll delve into how the past narratives have played into the current illusions of success and how they hamper our growth.



Tonight we will discuss the joke that is the American justice system. We will delve into why no branch of government has any meaning in this country and the joke level antics of the police and citizens.



I’ll discuss the many levels that combine to form the debased country that we live in today. We will discuss the obesity, mental health, drug use, and overall the normalization of immorality that has destroyed this once great nation.



Tonight we will discuss the Iran missile attack on Israel and the pushing of various narratives by the mainstream media. I will also delve into the hilarious right vs. left paradigm that proliferates America and the gullibility of the people.



Tonight I will delve into the ethos of cultural disempowerment. We will discuss how this became the narrative and the embedded ideology of the American culture and how to resist it.



Tonight we will discuss the lack of pride and shame that is destroying this nation. I will focus on the rampant normalization of whoredom, pedophilia, violence, and the overall degradation of any sense of Christian ethos.



Tonight I will delve into the solar eclipse and the buildup towards the next big thing. While we are at it, I will do a news rundown of all the big ticket items that everyone is suppose to care about and those that we are not.