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The Anomic Age is a weekly web based program hosted by John Age. Each week will offer another piece to the puzzle, with compelling interviews from guests covering a variety of topics. No topics are off limits, but the mainstay of the show will be to examine far-ranging topics from Government Corruption, Conspiracy, Cover-ups, to Propaganda, Health & Wellness, Science, Christianity, and World Events.

The word anomie comes from the Greek anomos, meaning without laws. It is typically attributed to Émile Durkheim, who introduced the term to the scientific community in the late 1800’s. Anomie is used to describe the following states: normlessness, mismatch of standards, moral deregulation, and social instability. More to the point, I use the term anomic to describe our country’s current condition, a state of social instability brought on by an ever increasing decay of any semblance of norms, morality, or ethics.

To anyone paying attention, this is obviously not a surprise. Unfortunately, there seems to be fewer and fewer people actually paying attention. The intent of this program is to educate, inform, to spur people into taking accountability and lawful action.

Thank you for your interests in the program and the topics. Remember: speak the truth, bang the drum, and do your part. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Latest Guest

Hugo Feugen - Hugo Feugen has logged over 2500 hours of flight experience, and over 450 hours as a Certificated Instrument Flight Instructor (CFI-AI). Mr. Feugen holds a Single Engine Land and Multi-Engine Land Commercial certificate, Class II medical, as well as a Repairman Certificate for his experimental Lancair 320, which he has been flying for more than […]


  • Majority of Working Class: High Immigration Driving Up Crime in U.S.
    The majority of working-class Americans say the country's mass legal and illegal immigration policies are driving up crime in the United States, a new survey finds. ... read more
    Source: BreitbartPublished on 2019-06-26
  • George Orwell’s Dystopian Nightmare In China
    Authored by Kelley Beuacar Vlahos via The American Conservative, Beijing's tyranny over its people is fast becoming more terrifying than anything in Nineteen Eighty-Four... It has become fairly cliché to call China’s surveillance state - its artificial intelligence-driven facial recognition, the new “social credit system,” its cultural policing and re-education camps for Uyghur minorities - “something right out of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.” But that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Orwell’s dystopian vision, first published 70 years ago this June, was informed by ... read more
    Source: Zero HedgePublished on 2019-06-26
  • Pilot In Fatal NYC Helicopter Crash Was Lost In Bad Weather, Not Certified To Fly In Clouds
    About two weeks ago we documented the story of a private helicopter that slammed into the roof of a Manhattan high-rise, killing its pilot. Today, a new report from Bloomberg offers insight as to the cause of the accident: the pilot had become lost in the clouds and was trying to return to the East River heliport, where he had just taken off. The NTSB said on Tuesday that the pilot radioed the E. 34th St. helicopter landing pad to say he “did not know where he was.” The pilot was ... read more
    Source: Zero HedgePublished on 2019-06-26
  • Democrats Blame Republicans for Stacey Abrams’ Election Loss: ‘It’s About Keeping Black People Down’
    Democrats held a press conference on Tuesday at the Capitol to support the Voting Rights Advancement Act but mostly lashed out at the GOP. ... read more
    Source: BreitbartPublished on 2019-06-26
  • Black Markets Show How Socialists Can’t Overturn Economic Laws
    Authored by Allen Gindler via The Mises Institute, If we consider economics to be an objective science, its rules should also have universal significance and use, despite differences in societal order. However, socialists of the materialist camp are committed to the idea that common ownership of the means of production would change the way economic laws unfold under socialism. Basically, they reject the notion of the universality and objectivity of economic rules by suggesting that the laws would change along with a change to the social formation. read more
    Source: Zero HedgePublished on 2019-06-26