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The Anomic Age is a weekly web based program hosted by John Age. Each week will offer another piece to the puzzle, with compelling interviews from guests covering a variety of topics. No topics are off limits, but the mainstay of the show will be to examine far-ranging topics from Government Corruption, Conspiracy, Cover-ups, to Propaganda, Health & Wellness, Science, Christianity, and World Events.

The word anomie comes from the Greek anomos, meaning without laws. It is typically attributed to Émile Durkheim, who introduced the term to the scientific community in the late 1800’s. Anomie is used to describe the following states: normlessness, mismatch of standards, moral deregulation, and social instability. More to the point, I use the term anomic to describe our country’s current condition, a state of social instability brought on by an ever increasing decay of any semblance of norms, morality, or ethics.

To anyone paying attention, this is obviously not a surprise. Unfortunately, there seems to be fewer and fewer people actually paying attention. The intent of this program is to educate, inform, to spur people into taking accountability and lawful action.

Thank you for your interests in the program and the topics. Remember: speak the truth, bang the drum, and do your part. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Latest Guest

Hugo Feugen - Hugo Feugen has logged over 2500 hours of flight experience, and over 450 hours as a Certificated Instrument Flight Instructor (CFI-AI). Mr. Feugen holds a Single Engine Land and Multi-Engine Land Commercial certificate, Class II medical, as well as a Repairman Certificate for his experimental Lancair 320, which he has been flying for more than […]


  • Facebook to Hand Over Users’ Info to French Gov For ‘Hate Speech’ Prosecutions
    Facebook is going to work in concert with the government of France to rat out its own users so they can be prosecuted for "hate speech." From Reuters, "In a world first, Facebook to give data on hate speech suspects to French courts": In a world ... read more
    Source: Information LiberationPublished on 2019-06-26
  • Secret Service Take Chicago Restaurant Employee into Custody After She Spits on Eric Trump
    U.S. Secret Service took an employee of a Chicago bar into custody Tuesday evening after she spit on President Donald Trump's son Eric Trump, the president's son told Breitbart News. ... read more
    Source: BreitbartPublished on 2019-06-26
  • Washington Requests Extradition Of Corrupt Chinese Official Arrested In Sweden
    Investors probably cringed when they scanned over a headline Tuesday morning about the US requesting the extradition of a Chinese national from Sweden, given that the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada at the behest of American prosecutors last year is still casting a pall over trade talks. But Washington's decision to request extradition for Qiao Jianjun, the former chief of a government grain storage facility, comes just days after a similar request by Beijing was turned down. Qiao, as it turns out, is one of mainland China's ... read more
    Source: Zero HedgePublished on 2019-06-26
  • The Ongoing Restructuring Of The Greater Middle East
    Authored (satirically) by CJ Hopkins via Off-Guardian.org, So, according to the corporate media, and to President Literally Hitler, himself, while America was sleeping last Friday morning, the U.S. Air Force was just minutes away from bombing the bejesus out of some desolate outposts somewhere in the Iranian desert and launching another catastrophic military blunder in the Middle East. At approximately 0400 Zulu time, President Hitler and his top advisors (among them, John “the Walrus of Death” Bolton) were gathered in the Pentagon’s War Room, flight paths arcing across the big board. ... read more
    Source: Zero HedgePublished on 2019-06-26
  • ISIS Supporter “Umm Nutella” Faces Life In Prison After Violating Deal With Feds
    A New Jersey-born ISIS supporter who went by the code name "Umm Nutella" to secretly communicate with the terrorist organization faces life in prison after she violated a cooperation agreement with federal authorities, according to the New York Times.  Sinmyah Amera Ceasar, 24, pleaded guilty in 2017 on two federal charges for aiding ISIS and other extremist groups, after she was arrested in November 2016 at JFK International Airport in order to provide material support to the radical Islamic terrorist group. Prosecutors alleged recently unsealed court filings ... read more
    Source: Zero HedgePublished on 2019-06-26